Cimbria – Moduflex Dustfree Loading Chute (Sandstone)

Cimbria Moduflex loading chutes are designed for dust-free outloading of dry bulk material. The loading chutes can be supplied for tanker trucks, flatbed trucks, open and closed rail wagons, and containers. The chutes can be manufactured in a more sturdy construction for shiploading, stockpiling and warehousing, depending on customer requirements with regard to heavy-duty performance, long-term durability and high capacities. The product range covers all sectors where dry bulk products are handled, from agricultural products to industrial commodities and raw materials.

Moduflex V-series The loading chute V-series is designed for loading of any dry bulk materials into open and closed ships and barges, as well as stockpiling outside and inside warehouses . The sturdy construction, including various safety functions, can accommodate an extended length up to approx. 27 m. Capacities from 250 m3/h – 3500 m3/h

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