CDI Conveyor Dynamics – Dahej Overland Belt Conveyor and Trolley

Overland belt conveyor with triangular truss design and maintenance trolley in Port of Dahej, India. Horizontal curve of 1100 meters on a 14.6km conveyor system. Designed by CDI Conveyor Dynamics Inc., USA.

Since 1981, Conveyor Dynamics, has served the mining and minerals processing industry as a leading consultant in the analysis and design of material handling systems and conveyor components for construction and manufacturing organizations around the world.

Our design and analysis services cover a wide range of material handling equipment, including

  • Trough belt conveyors
  • Pipe belt conveyors
  • Feeder conveyors
  • Transfer chutes
  • Ore communition (crushing and grinding) equipment

CDI has developed a modern commercial method for conveyor belt design and analysis based on rubber rheology, viscoelastic properties, and fundamental physics.  This method, which has been incorporated into our BELTSTAT software, provides accurate analyses and predictions of trough and pipe conveyor performance, enabling us to design conveyor systems with improved power and strength efficiencies, and extended belt life expectancy.



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  1. dear sir,
    I contact you from iran,
    I want to khnow extra information about conveyor system.
    we need 10,000 meter conveyorsystem for water tunnel that will excavated by Tbm.
    if you have experinces in this field, please send me your resume .
    after that we talk about the prices and contract.
    thanks , best regard

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