Bulk Flow Analyst DEM Simulation of Bucket Elevator

Bulk Flow Analyst™ by Applied DEM was used to simulate a bucket elevator. Bulk Flow Analyst offers a tool called a component pattern, which allows user a vast amount of control over the number and spacing of buckets without the need of a fully-defined CAD model. The CAD model for this simulation had only 2 buckets defined.

Overland Conveyor Co’s division called Applied DEM Inc, provides research and development of the Discrete Element Modeling mathmatical technique used to simulation bulk material flow.

Applied DEM is committed to providing bulk material handling solutions through use of our software backed by proven discrete element method technology. We provide tools that aid in the design phase of bulk material handling problems. The use of our simulations help identify potential problems before full implementation, saving our users time and money.

  • Bulk Flow Analyst™ is used to simulate conveyor transfer flow
    • Prevent Chute Plugging
    • Minimize Belt Wear
    • Minimize Chute Surface Wear
    • Mimimize Dust
    • Minimize Spillage
    • Minimize Material Degradation



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