Bühler: MoisturePro Moisture Control

Uzwil (SG), Switzerland – Bühler‘s MoisturePro Moisture Control can increase production yield for petfood processors by continually monitoring product moisture content at the dryer discharge and automatically adjusting the dryer in real time. Even small percentage increases in yield can have a significant impact on profitability.

According to Bühler, MoisturePro™, a cloud-based digital service, can drive significant improvements in yield and reduce energy costs and the environmental footprint of thermal processing in the food and feed industry. Harnessing the power of cloud connectivity, it can deliver a return on investment of USD 300,000, translating to an annual energy saving of USD 20,000. MoisturePro is just one of a suite of digital services available on Bühler Insights. Built on Microsoft’s Azure, Bühler Insights is one of the first cloud platform for the food and feed processing industries.

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