Brookfield Powder Flow Tester

Brookfield Engineering  has developed the Model PFT Powder Flow Tester. Learn how the Model PFT can help reduce problematic problems in your powder process by watching this quick five minute video.

An informative video on powder flow behavior in gravity discharge from hoppers is the challenge for powder processing companies and why Brookfield’s PFT Powder Flow Tester offers the best solution available today!

Brookfield’s revolutionary Powder Flow Tester now offers a solution for small powder samples. Perfect for pharmaceutical formulators who test expensive powders in limited quantities, the new Small Volume Shear Cell requires only 43cc of powder. Other good candidates include materials which are difficult or messy to handle, such as powdered inks. The Small Volume Shear Cell has an added technical performance advantage, namely the ability to generate higher consolidation stresses, which simulates conditions in larger bins and silos.

The Brookfield PFT Powder Flow Tester provides quick and easy analysis of powder flow behavior in industrial processing equipment. The PFT allows technicians to QC check incoming materials and evaluate how powders will discharge from storage containers. The operator can also rapidly characterize new formulations for flowability and adjust composition to match the flow behavior of established products.

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