Blast From The Past: Durt, The Movie – by Martin Engineering

In 1983, Dick Stahura Sr., Todd Swinderman and Mike Lindbeck worked together to create a 20-minute video that explained the causes and effects of spillage: dust and dirt that escape from conveyor systems – which Dick Sr. dubbed “durt” – and how Martin products can provide a solution.

Serving as an extension of Martin’s THINK CLEAN® philosophy, “DURT …the Movie” features footage from plants all around the world. This noncommercial film was a popular tool for educating bulk-materials-handling professionals and distinguished Martin as a leader in providing solutions for cleaner, safer plant environments.

“DURT™, The Movie” presents designers and end users of conveyor systems with eight research findings. Summed up, those research findings mean, “Today’s technology is capable of controlling dirt in conveyor systems.”

DURT™, The Movie points out the common sources of fugitive material at conveyor transfer points, and demonstrates that incorporating the research findings into conveyor system design will help eliminate the high costs of dirt.



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