BinMaster: Rotary Point Level Indicator

Lincoln (NE), United States Rotaries are a common point level indicator used for high-, mid- and low-level material detection in bins, tanks, and silos. BinMaster‘s standard and fail-safe rotaries can be fit with a wide assortment of paddles and mounting plates, extensions and process connections, ensuring BinMaster has the right rotary to meet your needs.

Rotaries are a familiar and common device used for high or low-level point level indication in bins, tanks, and silos. Rotaries are versatile enough to use in nearly any material from powders and granules with a minimum bulk density of 2 lb/ft3 (approx. 32 kg/m3) to coarse, lump materials with bulk densities up to 150 lb/ft3 (approx. 2400 kg/m3).

The principle of operation for rotaries is quite simple. When the rotary is used to alert that material has reached a high level while the tank is filling, the paddle rotates continually until material reaches the paddle. When the paddle meets resistance due to the presence of material, it stops rotating and sends an alert via a control room, horn, light, or an alarm panel. Conversely, as a low-level indicator, the paddle will begin turning when material drops below the level of the paddle and will send an alert or can be wired to shut off a process system.

For more information on Rotary Point Level Indicators, other types of Point Level Indicators and how to select the right Point Level Indicator for a certain application, see: “Choosing the Point Level Sensor for your Application”.

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