BinMaster: Capacitance Probes – Level Sensors that answer your probing questions

Lincoln (NE), United States – BinMaster‘s capacitance probes are an affordable, flexible soluton for level detection in bins, tanks and silos. Capacitance probes detect the presence or absence of material in contact with the probe by sensing minute changes (as low as 0.5 pF) in capacitance caused by the difference in the dielectric constant of the material versus the air.

BinMaster probes feature interference-free operation, simple calibration, and fail-safe functionality and perform accurately even in dusty, sticky, or clinging materials. Class II hazardous location ratings and a wide assortment of extensions can be custom built to user specifications making these point-level sensors appropriate for a variety of solid, liquid, and slurry materials.

Learn more about how BinMaster’s capacitance probes can help your application level up in this short video

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