BEUMER Group – Packaging Lines for the Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is witnessing rapidly increasing requirements in the area of conveying and loading technology and in the fields of packaging and palletizing. BEUMER reacted to the increasing throughput rates in the chemical industry with its high-capacity palletizing system BEUMER paletpac® 2500. The use of a newly designed rotatable clamp system turns the filled bags into the desired packing pattern at an exceptional speed. This system enables the BEUMER palletizing technology to reach a top capacity of up to 2500 bags per hour.


When combined with the new BEUMER stretch hood® machine, the BEUMER paletpac® 2500 forms a complete, high-capacity packaging line that fulfils all of the needs of the chemical industry. The stretch hood is watertight on five sides, dust- and dirt-resistant and durable for transporting purposes. Its high vertical stretch and the adherence of the film to the packed goods ensure lasting stability.



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