The MaxZone XN Externally Adjusted, Internal Wearliner.
The protective liner is placed in the conventional position inside the skirtboard while the adjusting mechanism is accessible from the outside. External access means there is never a need to enter chute to remove liner or make adjustments.

Established in 1983, Benetech is a pioneer in combustible dust control and bulk material handling. Initially focused primarily on dust suppression, Benetech quickly became respected as the premier provider in the United States. As client relationships grew, Benetech´s expertise was called upon to handle a variety of bulk material handling issues. This natural progression let to a company initiative to provide a complete line of products and services. Thru two acquisitions and the building of ´best-in-class´ divisions for Dust Collection, Advanced Transfer Systems, Washdown Systems and Suppression, Benetech has become the only EPC with in-house engineering, equipment, manufacturing, research, chemical productions and field service capabilities.

Today, Benetech is respected as a global leader in comprehensive, performance based compliance programs that ensure safe and bulk material handling. Designed to address the laws and guidelines being enforced by OSHA, EPA, MSHA, and other governing bodies, our programs are built to help our clients meet all regulatory requirements while enhancing operations with our complete range of technologies and services. Benetech´s programs address a wide range of issues in the bulk material handling systems at mines, coal fired electric generating plants, refineries, steel mills, cement plants, coal transloading facilities, aggregate and stone operations.


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