NBE National Bulk Equipment – Automated Bulk Material Mixing System Produces Highly Homogeneous Blends

Holland, Michigan (January 12, 2016) – National Bulk Equipment, Inc. (NBE). Designed specifically for fully automated introduction, transfer, mixing, and blending of multiple, sluggish materials; this NBE, integrated mixing system produces such homogenous blends that downstream production scrap is virtually eliminated.

An NBE lift-and-seal gaylord discharge system, with a dust-tight, custom discharge hood introduces the material to the transfer bin. An integrated agitator and vacuum pump transfer system supply material to the high-volume material mixer. Within the mixer, a 16-inch diameter auger mixes material in a 17-inch diameter, 10-gauge mix tube. In-feed scoop blades at the base of the mixing auger, and broad-throw dispersion paddles at the top of the mixing auger ensure a homogenous and consistent blend supply to downstream processes.

NBE Integrated automation centralizes system control, communication, monitoring, and reporting to a single, UL listed HMI, designed and built by NBE. Rigorous NBE risk assessment procedures work to prevent hazards to those who operate and maintain the equipment, while identifying improvements in physical ergonomics and equipment access points. NBE expertise in application-appropriate codes, standards, and regulations ensured system compliance at start-up.


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