Almex HDPE Conveyor Idler

Almex HDPE Conveyor Idlers are tough, long-lasting and ready to improve your operations flow and profit margin.

• Conveyor belt friendly, the HDPE idler ensures no belt damage as it wears down.
• Its Rock Shield Design, with deeper tapers creates maximum water displacement.
• It also offers a unique Triple Seal Design that makes sure dust and water won’t reach the bearings.
• 2RS sealed bearings are used in conjunction with the
• Triple Seal Design, ensuring longer idler life.
• Light weight and free spinning, the idler offers lower power use during conveyor belt start up.
• CMI HDPE material is injection moulded, offering better wear properties than an extruded HDPE.
• The idler’s OD is skimmed after assembly to ensure zero run out and prolong its life.
• Bearings are 100% aligned with each other, prolonging idler life.
• Prior to delivery all idlers are tested to ensure free spinning and 100% working condition.
(Published on Nov 17, 2016)




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