ACS Valves: Make cleaning suck less with our RunClean™ on RotorRails™

At $500 per hour of downtime, it costs an average of $750 in lost productivity every time you have to clean one traditional valve. Watch this video to learn how we’re trying to make cleaning your valve less terrible.

ACS Valves designs, engineers, and manufactures rotary valves for metering, feeding, and airlock in bulk material processing and pneumatic conveying applications. ACS Valves products are sold through a global network of sales engineers and supported by a corporate staff of applications engineers and customer services technicians. Locate a rep:

ACS Valves rotary valve products enable engineering, processing, production, maintenance, and management personnel to improve total process operating efficiency and ensure optimal material throughput. Customers whose rotary valve applications require improvement in overall equipment effectiveness, reduction of energy and consumables costs, and minimal maintenance specify ACS Valves products. ACS Valves are contributing to production operations across a broad range of industries, such as: food processing, petfood processing, pharmaceutical processing, chemical processing, plastics, grain handling, aggregates and minerals handling. Learn more about our valves:



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Megan Thompson, ACS President & COO

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