Russel Finex: Siebmaschinen für Süßstoffpulver (in German)

Mechelen, Belgium – Siebmaschinen werden häufig in der Lebensmittelindustrie eingesetzt, um die Qualität und Konsistenz von Lebensmittelzusatzstoffen wie Süßstoffpulvern zu gewährleisten. Der Finex Separator™ von Russel Finex ermöglicht eine Hochleistungs-Sortiertrennung von Lebensmittelpulvern und liefert bis zu fünf Fraktionen in einem Arbeitsgang.

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Essar Ports completes major Investment in Salaya Bulk Terminal

Salaya (Gujarat), India — Essar Ports recently commenced commercial operations at its 20 million tonne dry bulk terminal at Salaya with the berthing of its first vessel. The facility, the first deep-draft terminal in the Saurashtra region, has been designed to berth Capesize vessels with a vessel turnaround time of less than two days, thus offering a competitive advantage to the local industry.

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General Kinematics: #DiscoverGK: Manufacturing

General Kinematics brings you the latest video in the #DiscoverGK series featuring our Production team. Meet the talented team that manufactures our equipment every day including interviews from Joel Jacobson (Director of Manufacturing), and Eric Schwantje (Production Engineering). Their interviews provide an exclusive insight into the world of GK manufacturing. Watch the video to learn more!

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Vecoplan: Conveying Technology for Dust-Free Transportation of Bulk Solids

Vecoplan® belt conveyors are suitable for transporting all types of bulk material. The closed design of these conveyors protect the environment from the materials being transported. The conveyors can dependably cope with horizontal and vertical bends and also with slight inclines – even over long distances. Vecoplan® users now get a solution in which absolutely no material can be lost. This made it the right choice for Södra, Sweden’s biggest forest owners’ association.
(Published on YouTube on March 23, 2017)

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Kaveri Ultra Polymers P Limited: Corporate Video

Kaveri Ultra Polymers P Limited is in the field of Manufacturing Bulk Material Handling Equipment for the Infrastructure Industry catering to Cement Plants, Power Plants, Steel Plants, Mines, Mineral Beneficiation Plants, Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Plants, Chemical & Fertilizers Plants, Foundry, Ports, Railways, etc.

Minebea Intec: Kompakt-Drucklast-Wägezelle PR 6212

Zwei unterschiedliche Wägezellen liegen 12 Wochen lang unter härtesten Bedingungen in Salzlauge.

Minebea Intec stützt sich auf nahezu 70 Jahre Erfahrung in der Entwicklung und Produktion von Wägezellen für die Industrie. Sie werden für verschiedene Anwendungen eingesetzt, einschließlich Tisch- und Bodenwaagen, Maschinen, Behälter- und Siloverwägung sowie Fahrzeugwaagen. Alle Wägezellen und Wägezellensysteme garantieren benutzerfreundliche Integration und lange Nutzungsdauer. Siehe auch hier.
(Published on YouTube on February 16, 2017)


REMBE® KUB® – the most reliable rupture disc

The REMBE® KUB® ist the most reliable rupture disc you can find. Due to its unique geometry of predetermined breaking points, premature failure is not an issue.

With a smooth surface to the process medium, deposits are avoided. While the breaking points are never in touch with the process medium, the defined burst pressure is guaranteed for a extra long period of time, compared to other rupture discs.

REMBE … Safety is for Life

(Published on YouTube on August 1, 2017)

Mettler Toledo: It takes less than 3 minutes to integrate an ACT350 weight transmitter

The tutorial video shows how to connect the Mettler Toledo  ACT350 weight transmitter to an Allen Bradley PLC via #EtherNet/IP fieldbus in using the Studio 5000. The ACT350 weight transmitter is a weighing electronics for scales, weigh modules and load cells. The device can be installed inside the electric control cabinet on DIN-Rails. It provides fast and simple connectivity to most PLC Systems. DSM files are available to connect to Allen Bradley PLC systems. The dual port Industrial Ethernet of #ACT350 supports daisy-chain and ring network topologies and simplifies installation of multi transmitter weighing applications. The weight #transmitter is ideal for designing customized weighing applications such as conveyor scales, filling machines, over-under-classification, tank-, silo-, hopper-, vessel- or reactor scales. The transmitter has an on board OLED display to show weight result. Four touch keys can be used for configuration. It has 5 digital inputs and 3 digital outputs for direct control of actuators.
(Published on March 21, 2017)

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HECHT Technologie GmbH – Imagefilm 2017

Der neue Image Film des Schüttgut Spezialisten HECHT Technologie GmbH. Ein Familienunternehmen mit Tradition: In Pfaffenhofen dahoam, in der Welt zuhause!

HECHT. We Care.
Als kompetenter Partner im sicheren Schüttgut-Handling steht unser Familienunternehmen für passgenaue und effiziente Lösungen.

Seit fast 40 Jahren sind wir auf dem nationalen und internationalen Markt der Schüttguttechnologie erfolgreich. Zu unseren Kunden gehören zahlreiche namhafte Unternehmen der Pharma-, Food- und Chemie-Industrie mit zum Teil extrem hohen Anforderungen in Sachen Hygiene und Containment. Sie alle schätzen die Qualität, Effizienz, Flexibilität und Sicherheit der HECHT-Systeme.
(Published on Jun 30, 2017)


MoistTech Corp.: Application Videos II

Clay Moisture Sensors

In the clay industry, moisture measurement is very important during processing. With the help of MoistTech’s innovative moisture meters, testing for clay moisture has never been easier.


IR3000 Moisture Testing Kaolin Clay

See the IR3000 moisture sensor at work while testing Kaolin clay. This moisture sensor can be used with virtually any application including minerals and food products.


Moisture in Wood Pellets

MoistTech instantly and accurately measures moisture in wood pellet manufacturing.


Biomass Spent Grain

MoistTech Moisture Sensors are incredibly quick and accurate. Installed just 8 inches above the material our NIR sensors accurately provide instant moisture measurements to help control the customers process. For more information and to see how we can help your process please contact us.


Bagasse Moisture OnLine

NIR Moisture in bagasse. MoistTech is a world leader in online and offline moisture measurement. See our IR3000 Moisture sensor in action measuring bagasse.


MoistTech NIR IR3000 Moisture Gauge

The IR-3000 moisture gauge is MoistTech’s NIR online moisture senor for instant, non-contact measurement of virtually any product and raw material in the harshest manufacturing environments. Unsurpassed in performance, stability, reliability, maintainability and cost of ownership the IR-3000 is the answer to controlling moisture in your product.

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MoistTech Corp: Moisture Measurement in Powder and Bulk Solids