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Vortex: Dustless Loading Spout (Loading Bellow)

The Vortex in-line filter for loading spouts and loading bellows offers dustless (dust-free) loading of dry bulk materials by capturing fugitive dust that is emitted during the loading process.

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VORTEX Announces Representative Agent in Israel

Vortex announces the appointment of Maof Machine Design and Manufacturing Ltd. as its exclusive agent in Israel. Maof is a leading manufacturer of conveyors, lifting equipment, sorting equipment, vibrators, drum filters, batching systems and grading systems for the food, aquaculture, plastics, recycling, waste disposal, agriculture and defense industries.

“We are very pleased to add Maof to our line of representatives,” says Laurence Millington, Vortex’s Director of International Business. “Israel is one of the nation’s most competitive economies today and we are happy to hire a strong, and competent agent as our first introduction into the Israeli market.”

Founded in 1989, Maof started as a steel fabrication workshop supporting agriculture and fisheries across the country. Over the years the company became more knowledgeable in mechanical engineering and as a result, the company is able to use this experience by providing full turnkey solutions to its clients in many different types of industries.

“Vortex’s product line complements our integrated engineering solutions,” says Oved Bachinsky, CEO of Maof. “We are now able to offer a full line of slide gates, diverter valves and loading spouts as a single piece of equipment for an existing footprint or as part of an end. We look forward to representing Vortex in Israel.”

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VORTEX – Factors to consider when selecting a diverter valve

Selecting a diverter valve for your pneumatic conveying system can be a tough job, especially when you consider how many diverter valves are on the market. Yet a properly selected diverter valve can keep your operation running smoothly, cut maintenance costs, and improve your conveying system’s efficiency. After outlining factors you should consider to select a diverter valve for your system, this article provides descriptions of commonly used diverter valves, how they work, how they’re applied, and their pros and cons.

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VORTEX – Wye Line Pneumatic Diverter Valves

Vortex diverter valve for vacuum or dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems. Able to handle pressures up to 15 psig or 1 barg depending on size.

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Vortex – Telescopic Loading Spout

Vortex Loading Solutions provide fast and steady material flow during the loading of dry/bulk solid materials in open and/or enclosed vessels such as trucks, railcars, tank vehicles, ships, barges, and stockpiling. These loading spouts are designed to capture fugitive dust, prevent material waste, and ensure plant and environmental safety, with low maintenance and service expenses.

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Vortex Roller Slide Gate Valve

The Vortex Roller Gate (Square Shut-off Gate) is for handling dry material in gravity flow or low-pressure applications.

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Vortex Orifice Slide Gate Valve

Slide gate valve dry bulk applications. Ideal for powders, pellets, and granules. In-line maintenance for reduced downtime and longer service life.

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Vortex Corporate Identity Video


For more than 35 years, Vortex has provided quality slide gates, diverters, iris valves and loading spouts designed specifically for handling dry bulk solids in gravity, vacuum, dilute, or dense phase applications.

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