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A Case For Free Advice – It Helps a Customer as Well as Yourself

When I browse through this and other forums I am often fascinated at how much free advice is made available by the many experts.  At first one might think that this unpaid consulting at its best.  I am a firm believer in helping people out with as much information as you can provide.  Why?  It reminds me of my own sour grape experience as an adolescent trying to install a new cylinder and piston on my moped.  I had bought the – I might add expensive – parts at my up to then favorite motor cycle dealer.  Since I had been a gearhead all my live the mechanical part of the job was no problem with the exception to the ignition timing.  The store owner would not provide me with that value insisting that I let him do that at his shop, which was 10 miles away from home.  The experience turn me off so bad that I took my chances, figured it out myself and never went back to the guy again.  How many people do you think I told about the bad experience? 

This is where suppliers and subject matter experts can make a huge difference in the lives of others.  Anything affects everything and who knows when the one whom you helped may be able to help you one day?  If you are interested read Joseph Jaworski’s book about “Synchronicity”, it is a great book.  While there is always a fine line between free advice and giving proprietary information away, what do you have to lose?  There is always a great step between obtaining advice and successfully implementing the solutions.  Usually the basic technical details may be provided in the initial request fro help, but I have rarely seen people provide either all the site details or assumptions made.  Kudos to anyone that can figure out his own issues based on the advice given to him.   You as the advice giver will always glean something new from a request for help.