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Lyn Bates: Solid Sense – The Selection of Screw Feeders

Lyn Bates
Lyn Bates







We would like to present the Solid Sense articles by one of the great Bulkoholics of our times, Lyn Bates, Director of AJAX, and invite your comments and discussions.

The Selection of Screw Feeders         

•  User Guide to Hopper Selection for Operational Performance

•  Violent Vibrating of Screw Elevator due to ‘Epicyclic Rolling’ of the screw.


1.     Ten Key Steps for the Un-enlightened Purchaser of Solids Handling Equipment

2.    Ten Key Steps to Ensure Sound Solids Handling Contracts

3.    Ten Key Steps to Secure Safe and Reliable Powder Test Results

4.    Ten Key Steps to Minimise Particle Attrition during Handling

5.    Ten Key Steps for Reliable Lean Phase Pneumatic Conveying

6.    Ten Key Steps for Reliable Screw Conveyor Performance

7.    Ten Key Steps for Avoiding Screw Feeder Discharge Problems

8.    Ten Key Steps to Counter Segregation

9.    The Flow Commandments – by Ajax

10. Ten Key Steps for Achieving Reliable Flow from Hoppers

11.  Solids Sense – Key Steps

12. Solid Sense by Lyn Bates – Contents


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