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REMBE® KUB® – the most reliable rupture disc

The REMBE® KUB® ist the most reliable rupture disc you can find. Due to its unique geometry of predetermined breaking points, premature failure is not an issue.

With a smooth surface to the process medium, deposits are avoided. While the breaking points are never in touch with the process medium, the defined burst pressure is guaranteed for a extra long period of time, compared to other rupture discs.

REMBE … Safety is for Life

(Published on YouTube on August 1, 2017)


Isolation is essential to protect adjoining system components against the spread of combustible dust explosions. Tanks, silos, equipment are usually connected by pipelines through which, if an explosion occurs, fire and the pressure spread very rapidly. In addition, the intensity of the explosion in connected containers is increased by pressure piling and flame jet ignition. Continue reading EXPLOSION ISOLATION – REMBE EXKOP