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ACS Valves: Micro-ingredient Valves

Micro-ingredient Valves for low capacity metering of bulk ingredients in the Plastics, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics, Food, Chemical Industries.

The micro-ingredient valve from ACS Valves is designed for testing pilot conveying equipment, and for accurately metering small amounts of fine-grained material into larger batches.

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ACS puts your valves through some (really) rigorous tests

Each component of a pneumatic conveying system is necessary to keep your products flowing, and your employees safe on the plant floor.

We like to think of our valve tests in the same way—each separate step of the test is important to keep our valves working their best, and keep safety a priority.


This is why we have a 46-step inspection on each of our valves.

We have our specialists sign off on each step before the different components of our valves can go further in their manufacturing process.

Each separate part of our rotary valves are inspected at different stages including:

  • Endplates
  • Bearings
  • Rotor assembly
  • Housing
  • Drive guard assembly
  • Drive mounting base
  • Drive package
  • Sprockets and chain
  • Speed switch assembly
  • Final valve assembly
  • Paint

The valves are also tested for several components at each stage. Some of these include:

  • Casting construction
  • Condition of casting before and after machining
  • Correct sizing and tolerance on various parts
  • Chrome plating
  • Cosmetic appearance
  • Clearances
  • Quality of welding

It’s important for us to have NFPA and OSHA-compliant valves as a part of our standardized safety, which is why we include real-life testing in a factory floor setting. We make sure our valves include the options needed for your specific application and optimum performance.

Ours last for ten minutes to make certain not only the valve is running properly, but that the electrical components are as well. We check that the gearmotor is working properly and running at proper amperage. We also record the amperage readings during this time.

Our live tests are also when we make sure that the valve is rotating properly, and running as they should be. For your convenience, our inspectors record both rotor tip and side clearances on the top inlet flange, and on inspection sheets for proper record keeping.

Finally, our valves are inspected at the shipping stage to make sure all of the data from our 46-point inspection corresponds to the bill of materials. Shipping quality is also signed off at this time.

Our quality control manager, Bob Timson, completes a rigorous quality check before each of our valves is shipped out.

All inspection documentation is available upon request. If you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact us for technical support.


Megan Thompson, ACS President & COO
Megan Thompson, ACS President & COO

ACS Valves Videos on bulk-online

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FLSmidth: Hydraulic Roller Press system

This movie presents FLSmidth’s concept for grinding systems, which utilises the hydraulic roller press, or more simply the HRP system.

Learn how the HRP system incorporates many elements to ensure that you benefit from a fully cost-optimised and high-quality system.

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ACS RunClean on RotorRails

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FLSmidth Pneumatic Ship and Barge Unloaders

DOCKSIDER™ – The most versatile and most advanced pneumatic ship unloader in the world! DOCKSIDER ship unloaders are custom-designed for your specific terminal application, with state-of-the-art technology developed by FLSmidth exclusively for the ship and barge unloading industry.

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