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CANDI Plastic Recycling profits from ETTLINGER filtration technology

Königsbrunn, Germany – CANDI Plastic Recycling GmbH, a materials recycler in Sollenau (Austria) trusts in filtration technology from ETTLINGER Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH. An ERF 200 high performance melt filter on one of its two extrusion lines is used to process industrial plastic waste with high aluminum or paper fractions. Continue reading CANDI Plastic Recycling profits from ETTLINGER filtration technology

TOMRA wins large-scale Automated Sorting Contract by SKM Recycling

Mülheim-Kärlich, Germany — SKM Recycling (SKM), headquartered in Laverton North, Victoria, Australia, has selected TOMRA Sorting Recycling (TOMRA) to supply 40 AUTOSORT units with the latest features and new 3D laser technology for three new sorting facilities. To meet the constantly changing demands in the market, SKM is building three new plants to process over 350,000 tonnes of kerbside collected material, also called single stream, per year.

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BossTek: New mobile Dust Suppression Design – rugged Construction, compact Size

Peoria (IL), USA – BossTek announced the debut of the DustBoss® DB-30 FusionTM, the newest model in its growing family of self-powered dust suppression equipment. The new design is a versatile and transportable atomized mist unit, engineered with a workhorse electric motor and 30 KW generator. Continue reading BossTek: New mobile Dust Suppression Design – rugged Construction, compact Size

Eriez Europe: Two additional magnetic Separators for Re-Gen Waste, UK

Caerphilly, UK — Increased demands for efficient recycling has resulted in plants such as Re-Gen Waste Ltd. based in Newry, Northern Ireland to be processing over 140,000 tonnes per year of MDR, in a 24-7 operation. To ensure Re-Gen’s continuous success, earlier in 2017 a GBP 2 million (approx. USD 2.67 million) expansion was carried out as part of a nine million pound wider investment, including the upgrade of Re-Gen’s MDR (Mixed Dry Recycling) and paper recycling lines. As part of the expansion Re-Gen required maximum ferrous and non-ferrous metal recovery from the two upgraded waste streams.

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Metso delivered the 500th Lokotrack sold to Germany for Andres Erdarbeiten GmbH at Steinexpo

Metso reached another significant milestone in Lokotrack sales by delivering today the 500th unit sold to Germany at Steinexpo, the biggest quarry exhibition in Europe. The LT120 jaw plant was received by Andres Erdarbeiten GmbH, a family-owned crushing, screening and recycling contractor. Globally, Metso has sold over 7,000 Lokotracks.

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General Kinematics Success Story – Illinois C&D Recycling

The General Kinematics FINGER-SCREEN™ vibratory screen is at the heart of TAZ Recycling’s C&D Recycling System located in a Chicago, Illinois suburb. Watch this video to hear Ron speak about the unique story behind the GK FINGER-SCREEN™ vibratory screen located at this facility.
(Published on YouTube on January 25, 2017)

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Lindner: Polaris single-shaft shredder optimizes the one-step processing of refuse-derived fuel

For processing in calciners at cement works or in thermal power plants.

Spittal/Drau, Austria, November 2016 – The Polaris 2200 and 2800 are two new single-shaft shredders from Lindner that have been optimized for the cost-efficient, single-step shredding of untreated household refuse as well as industrial and commercial waste. A typical application area is the processing of refuse-derived fuel (RDF) that is used instead of fossil fuels in calciners of cement factories or in thermal power plants.
(Published on YouTube on September 21, 2016)

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hamos GmbH: Besuchen Sie uns auf der K 2016

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

Sie sind herzlich eingeladen uns auf der K vom 19.10 – 26.10.2016 in Düsseldorf zu besuchen.

Wir sind stolz darauf Ihnen auch in diesem Jahr zur führenden Messe für die Kunststoff- und Kautschukindustrie K 2016 besondere Highlights bieten zu können: Unsere elektrostatische Separationstechnologie für WEEE-Kunststoffe, Schwarze Kunststoffe, PVC-Fensterprofile, Altkabel, PET-Flaschen und viele weitere Applikationen – Spitzenqualität made in Germany.

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Photo Gallery: Solids & Recycling-Technik Dortmund 2015 – Part X: The Bulkoholics

On November 4 and 5, 2015  these two powder/bulk trade shows took place in Dortmund, Germany:

Schüttgut (SOLIDS) +
Recycling Technology


As in previous years, The Powder/Bulk Portal presents a Photo Gallery which may help future potential exhibitors and visitors to plan their attendance and visit.

The presentation is divided into 10 Parts (Part I to Part X). Please search specific Parts or companies in the Contents below:



(Please scroll down or select another Part)

Part X: The Bulkoholics


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Photo Gallery: Solids & Recycling-Technik Dortmund 2015 – Part IX

On November 4 and 5, 2015  these two powder/bulk trade shows took place in Dortmund, Germany:

Schüttgut (SOLIDS) +
Recycling Technology


As in previous years, The Powder/Bulk Portal presents a Photo Gallery which may help future potential exhibitors and visitors to plan their attendance and visit.

The presentation is divided into 10 Parts (Part I to Part X). Please search specific Parts or companies in the Contents below:



(Please scroll down or select another Part)


Part IX:

Schloemer GmbH, K.A. Schmersal Holding, Prestel Schneckenbau, Scholz Dosiertechnik, Schrage GmbH Anlagenbau, Schreier Maschinen- und Apparatebau, SCHULZ Systemtechnik, sesotec GmbH, SEW-EURODRIVE, SGH Schüttguthandling, Siebtecnik, Siemens AG, SIGMA Maschinenbau, solids solutions group, SPALECK, SBB Wägetechnik, Anlagenbau Stampfer, Steinhaus GmbH, SteriValves, steute Schaltgeräte, STIF, Stokkermill, Stricker GmbH, SWR engineering Messtechnik, SYMPATEC, SysTec, T.S.I.-Deutschland, TAMA SpA, TAWI GmbH, Technogenia Verschleissschutz, TEDIMA, Thermo Scientific, Thiele Kettenwerke, THM Recycling Solutions, REMA TIP ZOP, TMG Maschinenbau, TransiTec Anlagenbau, transitube tim plast, Tridelta Magnetsysteme, TRIPLAN AG, TTS Trump Technik, UMTEC Silo-Anlagentechnik, Unitrak Powderflight, Van der Graaf Antriebstechnik, VAUTID GmbH, Imtech Ventilex B.V., VHV Anlagenbau, Vi-An Vibrationsmaschinen, Vibra Schultheis, Vibrowest Italiana, VKT Verschleissschutz, Volkmann GmbH, VST Engineering, Waagen Döhrn, Wagner Maschinen, WAKRO, Walter Gerätebau, Walter Gondrom, SILGON, Wansor Baumaschinenausrüstung, Warex Valve, Wegen GmbH, Wehling Anlagen- u. Maschinenbau, Welding Alloys Deutschland, Werkstätten GmbH, Grupa Wolff, ZELO

Part X: The Bulkoholics


Part I: The bulk-online Leaders & Sponsors.

Part I of this Photo Gallery concentrates on the bulk-online Leaders and Sponsors, i.e. those companies which support the Powder/Bulk Portal most. Without them, this Portal would hardly exist. In the name of the global Bulkoholics community we extend our thanks to these presently about 35 companies.

WAMGROUP, REMBE, Schenck Process, Coperion + Coperion K-Tron, Vortex, FLSmidth, Martin Engineering, Mettler Toledo, Brabender Technologie, Stanelle Silos + Automation, Geroldinger, RULMECA, Tridelta Siperm, CMS / Cablevey Conveyors, Eriez, Sandvik, Jansen & Heuning,

Part II: The bulk-online eDirectory Members.

In Part II, those exhibitors are presented who have a detailed listing in the eDirectory Search Engine.

4B Deutschland, AKO Armaturen, ALDAK GmbH Vibrationstechnik, Berthold Technologies, DMN-Westinghouse, ecutec s.l., ESI Eurosilo BV, FLEXCO, Haver & Boecker, Hense Waegetechnik, Fr. Jacob Söhne, MBA Instruments, Russell Finex

Part III:

Advanced Cyclone Systems, Aerzener Maschinenfabrik, amixon – Mixing Technology, AMMAG, AVA-Huep, Claudius Peters, Derichs, Dinnissen Process Technology, DURUM Verschleiss-Schutz, Endress+Hauser Messtechnik, Frewitt, Friedrich Schwingtechnik, Fuchs Maschinen, Gericke, GKM Siebtechnik, Goudsmit Magnetic Systems, Gough GmbH, GreCon, HECHT Technologie, HENNLICH Engineering, Hosokawa Alpine / Micron B.V., KREISEL, LIEBHERR Feuchtemessung, mucon / Keyser & Mackay, PENKO Engineering, SEGLER-Förderanlagen, TBMA Europe, UWT, Vossloh Kiepe, VSR Industrietechnik, Wieland Lufttechnik

Part IV:

AVITEQ Vibrationstechnik, BOSCHE Wägetechnik, BUNTING Magnetics, CinchSeal Planungsbüro Aachen, Daxner, Derichs, EMDE, Herding, HOSCH-Fördertechnik, Italvibras, Kalenborn, KOBATO, Köbo-Dongchua, Masterflex, MehrTec, NERAK, NetterVibration, PIAB, Quadrant EPP Deutschland, RUD Ketten, Th. Scholten, Schulte Strathaus, Simatek Bulk Systems, Skako Vibration, SWECO Europe, Tecno Rulli, Thorwesten Vent, VEGA, Werner Doppstadt

Part V:

A.H. Meyer, Siloanlagen Achberg, Achenbach Metalltechnik, ALTHAMMER, Ambelt Förderbänder, AMF-Bruns, ami Systemtechnik, Andritz, Apullma, Arthur Krüger, Assonic Mechatronics, beba-Mischtechnik, Bückmann, bulk-online + SILO WORLD, SCHAD Förderelement, CERA SYSTEM Verschleissschutz, Con-Tec, Contex Verschleisstechnik, Corfil, Curt Ebert Siebtechnik, Dorstener Siebtechnik, Daltec, Dustcontrol, DYNA Instruments, EIPA Eisen Palmen, Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich, endeco, ESTA Apparatebau, EZM, Fasse-Filter, Wolfgang Feist, Feld-Kleinerüschkamp, Festo, Fielenbach Fördertechnik, Fischbei Deutschland, Fog Systems, Fördertechnik Ulf Kecke, FTK-Förderband Technik Kilian, Georg Stein, Glass, GRINDERMAX, H+E Logistik, Hansmeier Steuerungstechnik, HASLER, HBM Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik, Hein, Lehmann, HFB Wälzlager, Humbert & Pol, Humpe Fördertechnik, HUZAP, IFE Aufbereitungstechnik

Part VI:

A.B.S. Silo- + Förderanlagen, AGRICHEMA, AKT Artur Küpper, AML Anlagentechnik, Arodo, Atlas Copco Kompressoren, AZO, B+W, Bar, Barl, Bauermeister Zerkleinerungstechnik, Brookfield, CeramTec-ETEC, DASAG, DMT, Doppstadt Calbe, Eichholz Silo- u. Anlagenbau, Fenner Dunlop, Flintec, HighTec Ceram, Hoerbiger – IEP Technologies, HORSTMANN Anlagentechnik, HSM, IEM Fördertechnik, Ilchmann Fördertechnik, InduTechnik, INFASTAUB, Intensiv-Filter, J-Tec, J. Engelsmann, Janner Waagen, JAUDT Dosiertechnik, JESMA, JÖST, Kaeser Kompressoren, KAUMAN, Ketten Branscheid, Kitzmann, KMH Kammann, Köllemann, MTS Messtechnik Sauerland, KROHNE Messtechnik, KÜHNE Förderanlagen, Küper, Muhr, NILOS, Schrage Rohrkettensystem, SHA, Wiese Förderelemente, Wilhelm Kurz

Part VII:

AJO, AlBRECHT Ingenieurbüro, Backers, Bechtel GmbH, Carbotechnik Energiesysteme, EBRO Armaturen, F & D Wägetechnik, FKM Magdeburg, Gebr. Ruberg, Gulich`s Nachf., HEICI Befestigungstechnik, HIMMEL Tehnologies, ILC Dover, JetSolutions, INDUS Integrated Bulk Logistics, interVIB, J. Horstmann, JKF Industri, Kettenfabrik Unna,  Ewald Kraft Apparatebau, KURZ Tribotechnik, Lambertz-Solutions, Lammers, LAUMAS Elettronica, LFD Wälzlager, MAHLE Industriefiltration, MARA Fördertechnik, MATO Curt Matthaei, MHC Engineering, Minetecc, Allgaier Process Technology, Mogensen, Maschinenfabrik Möllers, MOORE Systeme, motan-colortronic, Motec Ingenieurbüro, Müller & Borggräfe, Muller Beltex, mütec Instruments, NEBOLEX Umwelttechnik, NORRES Schlauchtechnik, Novindustra, Opdenhoff Technologie, Oswald Metzen, P+W Metallbau, PACO Paul, PAUL GROTH Mühlenbau, pewag Deutschland, PFE Pneumatische Fördersysteme Eschweiler, Pionier Absaugtechnik, Plymoth-Plymex, Polytec Thelen, Prodima Mixers, ProLeit, Promati, PUCEST protect, Rechner Sensors, RENNER Kompressoren, RICO Sicherheitstechnik, RK-Prozesstechnik, ROSTA, RSBP, RUWAC Industriesauger

Part VIII:

A. Leering Enschede, A.S.T. Angewandte System-Technik Dresden, ACCENT Metalltechnik, AJK Hydrolift, ARICON Kunststoffwerk, ARTA Armaturen- und Tangerätebau, B&F Metallbautechnik, Bakker Magnetics, Beloh Magnetsysteme, Baljer & Zembrod, Bernd Münstermann, BT-Wolfgang Binder, Safeline Bühning & Joswig, Castolin, Corodut Verschleiss-Schutz, Dahlman Filter Services, Danvaegt, DFT Deichmann Filter Technik, DOLAV Germany, Erdwich Zerkleinerungssysteme, FilterCare, foxiflex, Anlagenbau Gelting, Görmer – Kloska Group, H&S Scheuten, Hanse Chemie, Havelberger Fahrzeug- und Maschinenbau, Huning Maschinenbau, Komptech, RMS – Lüra, Müller Containersysteme, Narviflex, Neo System Tec, Neuenhauser Maschinenbau, Nuova Guseo, ORBINOX Germany, PAARI Waagen- und Anlagenbau, PIV Drives, reCyclix,  Redwave, ReSiTec, Rice Lake Weighing Systems Europe, Rosenbauer International, Rotogal, S&W Rohrsysteme, SBM Mineral Processing, isoschall Schlauch- und Armaturentechnik



We invite your feedback with corrections and additions of missing names, also for the respective eDirectory listings. Please email your comments to wohlbier@bulk-online.com . Your cooperation is very important for our worldwide leading bulk-online Information Center. We strive at the highest possible perfection, but without your continuous input and help we are bound to fail.

The importance of these Shows and also of our Photo Galleries and their enormous advertising potential, can be seen in the views figures of earlier Easyfairs venues (as of December 28, 2015).

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All photos by Florian Sonntag and by  Ute and Reinhard Wöhlbier, and in Part X: The Bulkoholics also by Easyfairs.

Comments, corrections, suggestions and photo removal requests should be addressed to wohlbier@bulk-online.com

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 Schloemer GmbH

Schloemer_at_Schüttgut 2015

Schloemer on the Portal




K. A. Schmersal Holding GmbH & Co. KG

Schmersal_at_Schüttgut 2015

Schmersal on the Portal






Prestel Schneckenbau GmbH

Schneckbau_Prestel_at_Schüttgut 2015

Prestel on the Portal




Scholz Dosiertechnik GmbH

Scholz_Dosiertechnik_at_Schüttgut 2015

Scholz Dosiertechnik on the Portal






Schrage GmbH Anlagenbau

Schrage_Anlagenbau_at_Schüttgut 2015

Schrage Anlagenbau on the Portal




Schreier Maschinen- u. Apparatebau GmbH

Schreier_Maschinenbau_at_Schüttgut 2015

Schreier on the Portal





SCHULZ Systemtechnik GmbH

Schulz_Systemtechnik_at_Schüttgut 2015

SCHULZ Systemtechnik on the Portal




sesotec GmbH

sesotec_at_Schüttgut 2015

sesotec on the Portal





SEW_Eurodrive_1_at_Schüttgut 2015

SEW-Eurodrive_2_at_Schüttgut 2015

SEW-Eurodrive on the Portal



SGH Schüttguthandling

SGH_at_Schüttgut 2015

SGH Schüttguthandling on the Portal




Siebtechnik GmbH

Siebtechnik_at_Schüttgut 2015

Siebtechnik on the Portal




Siemens AG

Siemens_1_at_Schüttgut 2015

Siemens_2_at_Schüttgut 2015

Siemens on the Portal




SIGMA Maschinenbau GmbH

Sigma-Maschinenbau_at_Schüttgut 2015

SIGMA Maschinenbau on the Portal






solids solutions group

solids_solutions_group_at_Schüttgut 2015

solids solutions group on the Portal





Spaleck_1_at_Schüttgut 2015

Spaleck_2_at_Schüttgut 2015

SPALECK on the Portal






SSB Wägetechnik

SSB_Wägetechnik_at_Schüttgut 2015

SSB Wägetechnik on the Portal





Anlagenbau Stampfer GmbH

Stampfer_Anlagenbau_at_Schüttgut 2015

Stampfer on the Portal




Steinhaus GmbH

Steinhaus_at_Schüttgut 2015

Steinhaus on the Portal




SteriValves S.r.l.

Sterivalves_1_at_Schüttgut 2015

Sterivalves_2_at_Schüttgut 2015SteriValves on the Portal




steute Schaltgeräte GmbH & Co.KG

Steute_at_Schüttgut 2015

Steute on the Portal





STIF Société Francaise de Tolerie Industrielle

STIF_at_Schüttgut 2015 STIF on the Portal






Stokkermill_at_Schüttgut 2015

Stokkermill on the Portal






Stricker GmbH & Co. KG

Stricker_at_Schüttgut 2015

Stricker GmbH on the Portal





SWR engineering Meßtechnik GmbH

SWR on the Portal








Sympatec_at_Schüttgut 2015

SYMPATEC on the Portal




SysTec GmbH

Systec-at_Schüttgut 2015

SysTec on the Portal




T.I.S. – Deutschland GmbH

T.I.S._Deutschland_at_Schüttgut 2015

T.I.S._Deutschland_2__at_Schüttgut 2015

T.I.S. Deutschland on the Portal





TAMA_at_Schüttgut 2015

TAMA on the Portal





TAWI_at_Schüttgut 2015

TAWI on the Portal




Technogenia Verschleissschutz GmbH

Technogenia_at_Schüttgut 2015

Technogenia on the Portal





TEDIMA Techn. Dichtungen, Maschinen + Anlagen GmbH

TEDIMA_at_Schüttgut 2015

TEDIMA on the Portal






Thermo Fisher Scientific Messtechnik GmbH

Thermo Scientific_at_Schüttgut 2015
Ms Cordula Reiss, Sales Engineer

Thermo Scientific on the Portal




THIELE GmbH & Co. KG Kettenwerke

Thiele_Kettenwerke_at_Schüttgut 2015

THIELE Kettenwerke on the Portal




THM Recycling Solutions GmbH

THM_Recycling_at_Schüttgut 2015

THM Recycling on the Portal





REMA_Tip_Top_at_Schüttgut 2015

REMA_Tip_Top_2_at_Schüttgut 2015Schüttgut 2015

REMA Tip Top on the Portal




TMG Maschinenbau GmbH

TMG_Maschinenbau_at_Schüttgut 2015

TMG Maschinenbau on the Portal





TransiTec Anlagenbau GmbH

TransiTec_at_Schüttgut 2015

TransiTec_2_at_Schüttgut 2015

TransiTec Anlagenbau on the Portal





transitube tim plast Anlagenbau GmbH

transitube_at_Schüttgut 2015

transitube on the Portal




Tridelta Magnetsysteme GmbH

Tridelta_Magnetsysteme_at_Schüttgut 2015

Tridelta Magnetsysteme on the Portal





TRIPLAN_at_Schüttgut 2015

TRIPLAN on the Portal





TTS Trump Technik Service GmbH

TTS_Trump-Technik_at_Schüttgut 2015

TTS Trump-Technik on the Portal




UMTEC Silo-Anlagentechnik GmbH

umtec Silo-Anlagentechnik_at_Schüttgut 2015

UMTEC on the Portal





Unitrak Powderflight Ltd.

Unitrak_Powderflight_at_Schüttgut 2015

Unitrak Powderflight on the Portal


van der Graaf_Antriebstechnik_logo



Van der Graaf Antriebstechnik GmbH

Van_der_Graaf_at_Schüttgut 2015

Van der Graaf on the Portal





Vautid_1_at_Schüttgut 2015

Vautid_2_at_Schüttgut 2015




VAUTID on the Portal




Ventilex B.V.

Imtech_Ventilex_at_Schüttgut 2015

Ventilex on the Portal






VHV Anlagenbau GmbH

VHV_Anlagenbau_at_Schüttgut 2015

VHV Anlagenbau on the Portal





VI-AN GmbH Vibrationsmaschinen und Anlagenbau

VI-AN_at_Schüttgut 2015

VI-AN GmbH on the Portal




Vibra Maschinenfabrik Schultheis GmbH & Co.

Vibra_Schultheis_at_Schüttgut 2015

Vibra Schultheis on the Portal







Vibrowest_at_Schüttgut 2015

VIBROWEST on the Portal





VKT Gesellschaft für Verschleißschutz und Klebetechnik mbH

VKT_Verschleissschutz_at_Schüttgut 2015

VKT on the Portal





Volkmann GmbH

Volkmann_at_Schüttgut 2015

Volkmann on the Portal




VST Engineering, spol. s r.o.

VST_Engineering_at_Schüttgut 2015

VST Engineering on the Portal





Waagen Döhrn GmbH & Co. KG

Waagen_Doehrn_at_Schüttgut 2015

Waagen Döhrn on the Portal





Wagner-Maschinen GmbH

Wagner-Maschinenbau_at_Schüttgut 2015

Wagner-Maschinen on the Portal




Wakro Sp. z o.o.

WAKRO_at_Schüttgut 2015

WAKRO on the Portal





WALTER Gerätebau GmbH

Walter-Gerätebau_at_Schüttgut 2015

WALTER on the Portal




Walter Gondrom GmbH & Co. KG

Walter_Gondrim_at_Schüttgut 2015

Walter Gondrom on the Portal




Wansor GmbH Baumaschinenausrüstung

Wansor_at_Schüttgut 2015

Wansor on the Portal




Warex Valve GmbH

Warex_Valve_at_Schüttgut 2015


Warex_Valve_2_at_Schüttgut 2015



Warex Valve on the Portal




Wegen GmbH

Wegen_at_Schüttgut 2015

Wegen on the Portal





Wehling Anlagen- und Maschinenbau GmbH

Wehling_at_Schüttgut 2015

Wehling on the Portal





Welding Alloys Deutschland GmbH

Welding_Alloys_at_Schüttgut 2015

Welding_Alloys_Group_Schüttgut 2015

Welding Alloys on the Portal




Werkstätten GmbH

Werkstätten_at_Schüttgut 2015

Werkstätten on the Portal





Grupa_Wolff_1_at_Schüttgut 2015

Grupa_Wolff_2_at_Schüttgut 2015


Grupa Wolff on the Portal





ZELO Konstruktions- und Vertriebs GmbH

ZELO_at_Schüttgut 2015

ZELO on the Portal