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Schenck Process speaks fluent pneumatics!

Darmstadt TestCenter now supports testing of complete integrated solutions
Process industry professionals know that materials and equipment must be perfectly matched to deliver optimal results at lowest cost. Realistic and practical tests at Schenck Process TestCenters provide answers to their most searching questions. The company’s latest TestCenter installation, dedicated to pneumatic conveying, is now up and running in Darmstadt to help customers make the ideal choices.

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Rösberg Engineering: Functional Safety Management in the Process Industry

Treating the cause and not the symptoms
For plant owners in the process industry, cutting corners on safety to reduce costs can be a very expensive mistake. One dramatic example is the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which was a direct consequence of the explosion on the oil platform Deepwater Horizon. One of the main factors that contributed to the explosion was the sealing of the bore hole: despite warnings from experts, a cheaper solution was adopted that involved a higher risk of escaping gas. In retrospect, this would have been a negligible investment compared to the damages paid to the US government, which ran into of billions of dollars in double figures. Not to mention the damage to the company image, or the appalling effects on the environment and on people that cannot be quantified. Thus in plant construction, whether for the chemical industry, for firing technology or for incineration systems, systematic hazard assessment is essential.

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