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BEUMER Group Equipped Jebel Ali Cement with a Grinding Unit

Enexco – part of BEUMER Group –  equipped Jebel Ali Cement with a complete grinding unit. Enexco´s team of specialists worked as a turnkey supplier in close contact with Jebel Ali Cement.

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BEUMER Group auf der CeMAT Russia

CeMAT Russia: BEUMER informiert als Komplettanbieter über innovative Förder-, Verlade-, Palettier- und Verpackungstechnik sowie Sortier- und Verteilsysteme

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BEUMER Group – CeMAT Russia – Comprehensive Support

CeMAT Russia: As a single-source provider, BEUMER Group presents innovative conveying, loading, palletising and packaging technologies, and sortation and distribution systems.

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Applied DEM Inc. – Belt Analyst V15 Released

Belt Analyst is the number one conveyor belt design software in the world


Belt Analyst is a belt conveyor design software that was first created in 1996. It was developed by conveyor engineers as a consulting tool in order to design and analyze the most difficult belt conveyor applications. The list of successfully built applications is huge. This is not just design software, but a real engineering tool.

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BEUMER Group – Technology at Ramco Cement Plant in Chennai, India

BEUMER Group equipped the Ramco Cement Plant in Chennai, India with everything that it takes to build a cement plant and keep it running:
–  Complete grinding unit
–  Clinker unloading area
–  Flexible belt conveying technoloy
–  Raw material feed bucket elevator
–  Conveying technology
–  Ball mill
–  High efficiency classifier
–  Cement storage silos
–  Filling technology
–  Loading technology
–  Semi automatic truck loading machines

The BEUMER Group is an international manufacturing leader in intralogistics in the fields of conveying, loading, palletising, packaging, sortation and distribution technology.


Conveying Technology

Belt Conveyor

Pipe Conveyor

Apron Conveyor

Bucket Elevators

Storage / Blending Bed

Loading Technology

Bulk Material

Bag Loading

Ship Loading


BEUMER Group is a “bulk-online Leader”

BEUMER sealpac: New, highly efficient FFS System for Chemical Products

Forming, filling, sealing – with outstanding efficiency

As a single-source provider of filling, palletising and packaging systems, BEUMER Group has recently introduced an innovative form fill seal system (FFS system) to the market. The needs of customers in the chemical industry may vary greatly; bulk density, flow characteristics and grain distribution of chemical products require flexibility in bagging and packaging until they reach the final customer.

With the new FFS system, BEUMER emphasises a sustainable mode of operation. High throughput, availability and a compact design are key features of the new system. Reproducible weight accuracy of the bags is ensured. Furthermore, operators can handle the highly energy-efficient system ergonomically.

Chemical and petrochemical products are partly characterised by high product temperatures, may be dimensionally unstable and have special flow characteristics. If these materials are filled into bags, their handling can be extremely difficult. As a partner of chemical companies, BEUMER has extended its range of products with the BEUMER sealpac. This FFS system forms a bag from a prefabricated tubular PE film and fills it with technical plastic materials like PE, PP, PA or PS. Salts, building materials, fertilisers or food products can also be filled into bags reliably, gently and sustainably. This system is equipped with a weighing unit which, on the one hand, ensures that the quantity of material filled is not too high as this would result in high costs for the manufacturer. On the other hand, the bags must not contain too little material since the specified quantity has to correspond to the actual contents. Thus operators always obtain exact filling weights with the new FFS system. Then the system seals the bags with a weight of up to 25 kg. This way users can handle up to 2,600 bags per hour.

BEUMER sealpac – high throughput, availability and a compact design are key features of the new system. (Photo: BEUMER Group GmbH & Co.)


Less wear and tear, more clarity

In typical systems available in the market, the bags oscillate from one working post to the next one. The resulting vibrations are transferred to the systems and may lead to wear and tear even after a short period of time. BEUMER guides the bags in a straight movement to the individual working stations. The machine runs much more smoothly and there are nearly no vibrations.

In the BEUMER sealpac the individual working posts for forming, filling and closing are of modular design. This division makes work easier for the service personnel since they can check each unit separately and replace it as required. A unique feature of the BEUMER sealpac is its symmetrical structure, which enables the operator to freely decide from which side the system is operated. Moreover, the extremely compact design of the BEUMER sealpac allows a space-saving and flexible installation.

For this system, BEUMER relies on proven components, which have been consistently enhanced. All components are freely available on the market. This reduces both the capital cost for operators and the delivery periods for spare parts. Thanks to various options like print mark control, automatic exchange of film rolls, detached film releasing unit, free or rail-based manoeuvrability and the possibility of processing pre-stretched film, the system can be adapted individually to customer requirements.

Saving costs across the board

In the chemical industry, systems are often running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any standstill may result in considerable costs. Therefore, BEUMER sets great store by high availability. The sealpac has a robust design, which extends maintenance intervals. Its modular structure enables an easy cleaning. Operators can quickly retrofit the system. Like all BEUMER machines and systems, the sealpac is characterised by its energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and safe mode of operation. The construction series is equipped with an ergonomic control terminal (HMI– Human Machine Interface) including an optimised user interface and navigation. This enables the personnel to operate the system quickly and easily. Users at the system are provided with an easily understandable and intuitive interaction concept, enabling them to define efficient working sequences.

This new system rounds off the product portfolio of the intralogistics supplier along the customers’ logistics value chain. Thus, users only have one contact for the entire system, from project planning and project management up to service.


BEUMER Group is an international manufacturing leader in intralogistics in the fields of conveying, loading, palletising, packaging, sortation and distribution technology. Together with Crisplant a/s and Enexco Teknologies India Limited, BEUMER Group employed some 4,000 people in 2014. The group generated an annual turnover of approximately 680 million euros. With its subsidiaries and sales agencies, BEUMER Group is present in many industries worldwide. For further information visit: www.beumergroup.com.



BEUMER Group is a “bulk-online Leader”

BEUMER Group – Heavy Duty Bucket Elevator at Lafarge Zement

Spectacular residential and office buildings, tunnels and other infrastructure facilities – nothing can be built without cement. To produce cement for various applications in an economic way, Lafarge modernised the production facilities at its plant in the town of Wössingen, in the Baden region, Germany.

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BEUMER Group – Pipe Conveyor

A new video impressively shows how our pipe conveyor was implemented in our customers’ systems. The video includes scenes from CEZ in Ledvice and Prunerov and Schwenk Cement, as well as from the projects for Linz AG  and Odebrecht Peru near Callao Port.

Very impressive segments at Ghent in the US feature helicopter shots and illustrate the adaptability of the pipe conveyor to topographic conditions – one of a number of important criteria for our customers.

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And They Keep This Woman Interested In Conveyors

Not our world famous DSI Snake Sandwich High Angle Conveyor, but an overland conveyor this time.  I’ll just go ahead and cut to the chase.  Diamonds got me last time.  So what goes best with diamonds?  Well of course the precious metals that holds those gorgeous stones.  The stuff that’s going to diversify your portfolio because it’s worth so much now.  That’s right…GOLD!

So here’s what’s been going on.  Dos Santos International is currently finishing up the Los Filos Project that was awarded in cooperation with M3 Engineering of Tuscon, AZ.  Goldcorp’s Los Filos Project is in the Nukay mining district of central Guerrero State in southern Mexico.  It promises to be one of the largest open-pit mines in the country.  It reminds me of our diamond mine project in Canada.  Those systems are contributing to projects that are projected to overtake South Africa as the new primary source of diamonds for the world.  See, we like to do things bigger and better around here!

Originally, there was a system that conveyed the ore from the crushing plant to the leach pads via a glory hole ore pass and an underground conveyor, through the hill.  An agglomeration drum mixed in the agglomerate before final delivery to the leach pads.  The system experienced material flow problems right from the start, especially during heavy rains.  The sticky ore tended to plug up the ore pass.  Geological instability ultimately collapsed the ore pass, putting the transport system out of service after only four months of operation.

So to keep it worth its weight, Goldcorp had to find another alternate to truck haulage which is way too expensive.   That’s when they asked M3 Engineering  to develop an alternate conveying route.  M3 put their trust in DSI and we figured out the most logical, most direct and of course economical path.  Instead of going under that hill, we planned to go right over it because….well…frankly…WE CAN!  That path required a down-hill high angle conveyor.  We called it the DSI G.P.S. (Gently Pressed Sandwich) High Angle Conveyor.   We were ready in March 2009 to proceed, but wouldn’t you know it…the instability on that hill wouldn’t allow it.  Back to the drawing board!

This time a conventional conveyor system was developed, following the already developed truck ramps.  DSI expertise proved particularly advantageous on this project.  The original ten-conveyor-flight system was rationalized to only seven flights by amalgamating with horizontal curves.  The third conveyor flight is specially engineered to accomplish the agglomeration by mixing through five intermediate tripped transfers.  This route agglomeration, conceived by Goldcorp, resulted in substantial savings by eliminating the need for the additional agglomerating drum.

The overland conveying path is mostly downhill.  While this presents the normal controlled starting and stopping problems, it also creates great savings opportunities.  The downhill flights are decisively regenerative.  Also, the drive motors, now generators, will feed power back into the grid which can be used to power other mine equipment.  These carefully engineered conveyors will be equipped with variable frequency drives to ensure operations at maximum efficiency (by pryor).   There we go being “green” again!

So my interests have gone from diamonds to gold and Dos Santos International continues to hold my attention into 2010.  Can’t wait to see what they do next!

If you want more technical information on this project, visit our NEWLY UPDATED web site at www.dossantosintl.com.