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Rulmeca Starts Drum Motor Shell Production in Wilmington (NC), USA

Rulmeca Corporation began drum motor shell production at its Wilmington, NC facility in October 2017.  Director of Operations, Jay Graham, said “The ability to make Motorized Pulley shells at our Wilmington plant is the logical next step in our company’s growth.  Our CNC lathe enables us to fill rush orders quickly and eliminates the need to expedite shells from our German production center.”

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RULMECA Motorized Pulleys IP69

The Rulmeca Motorized Pulley was first produced in 1953 specifically for use on conveyors belt applications. A Motorized Pulley is a compact, hermetically sealed, highly efficient conveyor drive unit that would be unaffected by dust, water, oil, grease or other harmful substances. A Motorized Pulley that would be quick and simple to install and require virtually no maintenance.

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RULMECA Made in Germany 2013

Dieser Imagefilm für den Bulk-Handling-Bereich entstand im Jahr 2013. Bitte schauen Sie sich auch diesen Rulmeca Film an, der z.Zt.  in einigen Ländern nicht gezeigt werden darf und der auf diesem Portal schon über 10.000 mal angeschaut wurde. :

Rulmeca Group Corporate Video

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