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Fagus-GreCon acquires shares of Döscher Microwave Systems

Alfeld/Hannover, Germany –  With effect from July 1, 2017, Fagus-GreCon holds 24.5% of the company shares of Döscher Microwave Systems. Following Mr. Kai Greten, managing partner of Fagus-GreCon, interesting growth potentials result from the combination of technical expertise in the field of microwave moisture measurement of Döscher with the international sales structure of Fagus-GreCon. “Due to the more intensive cooperation also in development issues – thanks to the closer connection of both companies – future production solutions result which can be aligned to the needs of our customers better than before.” Continue reading Fagus-GreCon acquires shares of Döscher Microwave Systems

MoistTech Corp Announces Its Move within Sarasota, FL, USA

MoistTech Corp.® has grown over the past years with the need to expand our corporate headquarters to a larger facility to continue to exceed our customer’s needs. Still located in beautiful Sarasota, FL, our move into a new, larger office space accommodates our growing Sales Team, Marketing Efforts, Lab & Sample Testing Facilities and Calibration department with the needed space to expand our efforts.

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MoistTech Corp.: Application Videos II

Clay Moisture Sensors

In the clay industry, moisture measurement is very important during processing. With the help of MoistTech’s innovative moisture meters, testing for clay moisture has never been easier.


IR3000 Moisture Testing Kaolin Clay

See the IR3000 moisture sensor at work while testing Kaolin clay. This moisture sensor can be used with virtually any application including minerals and food products.


Moisture in Wood Pellets

MoistTech instantly and accurately measures moisture in wood pellet manufacturing.


Biomass Spent Grain

MoistTech Moisture Sensors are incredibly quick and accurate. Installed just 8 inches above the material our NIR sensors accurately provide instant moisture measurements to help control the customers process. For more information and to see how we can help your process please contact us.


Bagasse Moisture OnLine

NIR Moisture in bagasse. MoistTech is a world leader in online and offline moisture measurement. See our IR3000 Moisture sensor in action measuring bagasse.


MoistTech NIR IR3000 Moisture Gauge

The IR-3000 moisture gauge is MoistTech’s NIR online moisture senor for instant, non-contact measurement of virtually any product and raw material in the harshest manufacturing environments. Unsurpassed in performance, stability, reliability, maintainability and cost of ownership the IR-3000 is the answer to controlling moisture in your product.

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MoistTech Corp: Moisture Measurement in Powder and Bulk Solids

MoistTech Corp: Moisture Measurement in Powder and Bulk Solids

MoistTech™ Instant NIR Online Moisture Sensors
Moisture content varies widely in raw materials, and at different points in the production process, so non-contact moisture measurement is essential for achieving an outstanding final product. Near-Infrared technology is used as the state of the art process in measuring moisture content within a product; MoistTech Corp™ manufactures a NIR (near-infrared) sensor that can not only measure moisture content but also thickness and temperature if needed as well – all in one sensor.

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