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EDEM announces new co-simulation solution with multi-body dynamics package RecurDyn

Edinburgh, Scotland,  October 30, 2017  –   EDEM, the bulk material simulation specialist, today announced the availability of a co-simulation solution between EDEM software and RecurDyn, a multi-body dynamics package from FunctionBay. This solution enables engineers designing heavy equipment such as excavators, ploughs and off-road vehicles to introduce realistic bulk material behaviors to their multi-body dynamics simulations – offering unrivalled insight into how material loads are transferred throughout a mechanical system and providing key insights into equipment-material interactions.

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thyssenkrupp: New crusher revolutionizes material processing in mining

With the development of a completely new type of crusher, the so-called eccentric roll crusher type ERC25-25, thyssenkrupp has achieved a quantum leap in primary crushing. The new crusher features a particularly flat and robust design and high throughputs of up to 3,000 tons per hour, enabling it to process hard rock and ores efficiently and economically in underground mining operations. As the centerpiece of a mobile or semi- mobile system the eccentric roll crusher also enhances cost efficiency in surface mining. In the future, the new series will be supplemented with further models to enable both smaller and higher throughput capacities for different applications.

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Metso delivered the 500th Lokotrack sold to Germany for Andres Erdarbeiten GmbH at Steinexpo

Metso reached another significant milestone in Lokotrack sales by delivering today the 500th unit sold to Germany at Steinexpo, the biggest quarry exhibition in Europe. The LT120 jaw plant was received by Andres Erdarbeiten GmbH, a family-owned crushing, screening and recycling contractor. Globally, Metso has sold over 7,000 Lokotracks.

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Allgaier Process Technology Image Video

Every day, the Process Technology company division takes a new approach to the complex requirements of the market. With its core brands of Allgaier, Mogensen, Gosag and Mozer as well as a global presence in more than 30 countries, this division delivers both standardized and individually produced systems and machines for industrial washing, drying, cooling, screening and sorting.

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thyssenkrupp Exhibits at MINExpo INTERNATIONAL 2016

thyssenkrupp exhibits a new range of machines and asset management services at MINExpo INTERNATIONAL® 2016

  • The world’s largest gyratory crusher: KB 63-130
  • Upgraded Kubria® series of cone crushers with increased throughput capacity
  • Next generation compact bucket wheel excavators pierce hard rock up to 50 MPa in compressive strength
  • Energy-balanced skip conveyor system lowers operating and manpower costs
  • Customer-centric, customized 360-degree lifecycle services focus on asset management and wear parts management

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BEUMER Group: Interview mit Dr. Andreas Echelmeyer, Director Conveying & Loading Systems

Dr. Andreas Echelmeyer, Director Conveying & Loading Systems:
„Wir müssen zuhören können“.

Herr Dr. Echelmeyer, Sie sind seit wenigen Monaten Director Conveying & Loading Systems bei der BEUMER Group in Beckum. Was sind Ihre Aufgaben und welche Ziele möchten Sie erreichen?

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Conveyor Manufacturers Association Industry Indaba

Over the years, the Conveyor Manufacturers Association of SA Ltd (CMA) has held regular conferences, seminars and meetings covering various topics of interest and importance to the materials handling and conveyor industry. Conveyors are highly complex systems, consisting of a large number of components, all intricately linked to provide smooth running and safe operation. If not properly managed, conveyor belt installations are one of the most dangerous areas in a mining or materials handling operation.

Regulations gazetted by the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) and Standards issued by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) set the parameters to which the industry is expected to adhere. These include stipulations regarding design criteria; component manufacture and maintenance to ensure plant efficiency; and safety measures that prevent injury and loss of life to working personnel. Some of the most predominant failures caused by ineffective safety precautions are lack of trained personnel, irregular maintenance of the system and components, poor risk assessment policies, and inadequate design criteria. Fire is one of the most destructive and hazardous forces, and preventative measures, better equipment, and if appropriate, fire retardant belting is of considerable importance.

At the International Materials Handling Conference – Beltcon 18, held in Johannesburg on August 5 and 6, 2015, members of the industry mandated the CMA to investigate two issues. These were preventing runback in conveyors and the nip guard gap.

The CMA hosted an important and successful Industry Indaba in October 2015 to discuss not only these two items, but two more in addition – a report-back to inform industry that the recently repaired mid-scale gallery test apparatus at the SABS is once again available for testing of fire retardant belting; and pull key stations. Delegates from all sectors of the industry attended, and the number of end users represented showed the degree of concern within industry.

The format of the Indaba consisted of four presentations on the above matters of concern, followed by debate from the floor. The four topics on the agenda were:

Part 1 – Legal requirements for preventing runback in conveyors. Simon Curry (Flexco, CMA Chairman).

Part 2 – Legal requirements pertaining to nip guards. Alan Exton (Accrete Consulting).

Part 3 – Legal requirements for testing of fire retardant belting (SANS 971). Paul Nel (ThyssenKrupp).

Part 4 – Legal requirements pertaining to pull key stations. Alan Exton (Accrete Consulting).

Each topic informed delegates of the legal requirements relating to the specific area of concern, which was followed by lively discussion and debate from the floor. Also discussed was the issue of the distance between pull key stations. Legislation prescribes a minimum distance of 100 metres, but often, a minimum distance of 30 metres was thought to be more effective. Clarity was shed on this discrepancy by a pull key manufacturer, who explained that the distance between pull key stations is dictated by the strength of the spring and the influence of pig tails. Another example of conflicting opinions is the installation of anti-runback idlers where there is no legal requirement to do so, particularly since there is equally suitable alternative equipment.

The CMA, again showing its commitment to promoting the excellence of belt conveying in southern Africa, was mandated to establish a working group to further investigate the nip guard gap and pull key stations. These are currently in the process of being formed, and it is envisaged that the working group will consist of all stakeholders, but mostly driven by the users and managed by CMA.

The first meeting is scheduled for December and findings and resolutions made by the working group will be communicated to industry without delay.








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Ideas for the mining industry of tomorrow

DMT is partner in the EIT Raw Materials Consortium

Essen, Germany, October  8, 2015 – Over 100 companies, research and educational institutions from all over Europe have come together under the patronage of the European Union to form the EIT Raw Materials .

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