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Stanelle´s New Partner in Japan

Stanelle Silos + Automation GmbH

has a new Partner in Japan:

KUMA engineering Co., Ltd.

2-28-12 Kouda, Hirakata-shi,
Osaka 573-0073 Japan

Tel: +81-72-852-5831
Fax: +81-72-852-5850

Mr. Shozo Emman , CEO of KUMA engineering Co. Ltd. expects a considerable interest in the products offered by Stanelle in Jpan.

The following photos were taken at the recent POWTEX 2016 exhibition in Osaka, organised by APPIE, which will be covered in more detail later on on the Portal.

STANELLE Silos + Automation GmbH is your reliable partner with innovative silo products, services and solutions

STANELLE is the German brand for tailored problem services and solutions in silo technology and silo automation. With more than 40 years of experience we are the reliable and trusted partner you are looking for. As a powerhouse for innovations, STANELLE always delivers cutting edge technology for its clients. Optimize your productivity, cut costs and protect the environment with STANELLE top-quality products made in Germany.

Stanelle´s core competencies:

• Production and sales of innovative silo components (e.g. FlowBow)
• Optimization of bulk material flow for your entire silo system to cut costs
• Cutting edge production technology to ensure highest levels of quality
• Silo components, silo maintenance, Big Bag Station
• Loading spouts for loading of silo trucks, open vehicles, open and enclosed railroad cars, ships, stockpiles, bags
• Gravel loaders, positioners, docking devices, RONDO, QUADRO
• De-dusting filters Silo top STAFI / PNEUFIX, loader filters BELFI, mixer filters MIXFI, conveyer and loader filter ULUFI, cartridges
• Discharge aids, patented vibrating cage ASK, air loosening systems
• Slide gates, butterfly valves, squeeze valves, pinch valves
• Overfill protection, Min-max level sensors, Overpressure vacuum valves SDAK
• Wear resistant elbow, FlowBow; filling pipes; bellows, Connex pipe connections, clamps and brackets etc.

FlowBow – our oldest patent
The Stanelle FLOW-BOW elbow is designed as a low wear deflector of dry, non-clotting bulk goods when conveyed as a dense stream. It has a wide range of applications including powdery, splintery, and highly abrasive bulk materials like e.g. quartz sand, shotcrete, and basalt chips; even cocoa husks and slaughterhouse waste. Stainless steel (1.4408) designs are available for applications in the plastics and foodstuffs sectors.

Stanelle at POWTECH 2016 in Nürnberg, Germany



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