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EDEM now Available on Rescale’s Cloud Simulation Platform

San Francisco, CA, USA and Edinburgh, Scotland.  Rescale and EDEM are pleased to announce the availability of EDEM software on Rescale’s simulation platform through a collaboration with EDEM, the Discrete Element Method (DEM) specialist and market leader.

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EDEM Joins Siemens PLM Software Solution Partner Program

EDEM technology complements LMS Virtual.Lab Motion by providing new insights into equipment – material interactions.

Edinburgh, Scotland – June 14,  2016  –  EDEM announces it has joined the Siemens PLM Software Solution Partner Program as a Software and Technology Partner

EDEM and Siemens have developed a co-simulation capability between EDEM and LMS Virtual.Lab™ Motion software tools. This solution provides manufacturers of heavy equipment such as dragline buckets, backhoe loaders and excavators with new insights into machine-material interaction.

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CMAC chooses EDEM simulation software

CMAC chooses EDEM® simulation software to support research and training in advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Edinburgh, Scotland – 4 February, 2016  –  DEM Solutions, the Discrete Element Method (DEM) specialist and market leader, announced it has joined CMAC as a tier 2 industry partner and will provide its EDEM software to integrate into the Centre’s research program.

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EDEM BulkSim Simulation Transforms the Design of Transfer Chutes in the Mining Industry

On demand webinar – Learn 5 ways in which EDEM BulkSim® simulation can transform the design of Transfer Chutes in the Mining industry

The performance and reliability of bulk materials handling equipment such as conveyor transfer points, chutes and stockpile reclaimers is a critical factor determining the productivity of mine operations.

EDEM BulkSim  is specialized bulk material flow simulation software for transfer chute design & optimization.


EDEM BulkSim® simulation_1EDEM BulkSim simulation provides engineers with both qualitative and quantitative analysis of conveyor transfer point designs and enables engineering design teams to virtually test the performance of designs at all stages of the design cycle. This allows for more informed decisions to be made, and more reliable and better-performing equipment to be delivered.

Find out more with this on demand webinar:

EDEM BulkSim: Simulation-based Design & Performance Verification of Conveyor Transfer Equipment

Topics covered:

  • EDEM BulkSim – a better approach to conveyor transfer point design
  • Deploy EDEM BulkSim to address key engineering design challenges:
    • Prevent plugging
    • Reduce spillage
    • Identify Excessive material velocities
    • Ensure Appropriate delivery onto belts
    • Optimize Wear Protection
  • Operational benefits of optimized conveyor transfer equipment design

EDEM BulkSim_2


EDEM BulkSim_3











Who should watch the webinar?

This webinar will be of interest to:

  • Mining industry professionals involved in mine operations, engineering and/or technical services
  • Engineering Managers responsible for bulk materials handling equipment / conveyor transfer equipment
  • Design Engineers responsible for the design, optimization, and troubleshooting of bulk materials handling equipment, such as conveyor transfer points
  • Anyone wanting to learn more about the benefits of using EDEM BulkSim software to verify the design performance of conveyor transfer equipment.

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EDEM Videos on bulk-online

EDEM BulkSim simulation software for transfer chute design

EDEM BulkSim® – high-performance bulk material flow simulation software for use by engineers designing bulk materials handling equipment in mine operations and minerals processing plant, such as transfer chutes, stockpile reclaimers, and material feed and discharge chutes in comminution circuits.

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EDEM – Size segregation in asphalt production & handling

EDEM simulation software provides engineers with the capability to quickly and accurately simulate and analyze the behavior of their bulk materials and granular solids systems.

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Austin Engineering Optimise Custom Truck Body Performance Using EDEM® and ANSYS® Software

Austin Engineering is a leading designer and manufacturer of customised dump truck bodies, buckets and ancillary products used in the mining industry.

EDEM and ANSYS simulation software tools are used extensively by Austin Engineering to model and virtually test the design of their truck bodies to improve durability and performance.


Austin Engineering designs and manufactures some of the world’s leading truck bodies for use in off-highway environments.

Each site where their equipment is deployed is different, and Austin Engineering has to customise their designs for each client to cope with the local environmental challenges and meet productivity requirements.

Optimised durability and performance efficiency is a key part of all Austin Engineering custom truck body designs. Physical prototyping at this scale is expensive, and so each custom design needs to be tested virtually to guarantee performance at each site.


Austin Engineering deploys EDEM and ANSYS software to evaluate each of their truck body designs.

EDEM, with its realistic material simulation, provides engineers with accurate pressure distributions of material acting on their equipment.

Then, using the EDEM Add-In for ANSYS Workbench, these loads are used as inputs into structural and fatigue analysis in ANSYS Mechanical.

Using the EDEM Add-In, Austin Engineering performs extensive ‘what-if’ analysis of operational scenarios such as alternative tray loadings and cornering conditions.

EDEM - ANSYS simulations
EDEM – ANSYS simulations


The EDEM Add-In for ANSYS Workbench enables Austin Engineering to improve the durability and performance of each truck body design.

The realistic material loads from EDEM significantly improve accuracy compared to traditional approaches and mean truck body designs are strong, efficient and will perform in a range of operational conditions.

Combining EDEM insight with ANSYS tools allows Austin Engineering to show their clients how a design will perform on-site, and ensure that their needs are met before it is sent for fabrication.

Austin Engineering deploys EDEM Add-In for ANSYS Workbench to optimise truck body performance based on specific material conditions and operating conditions.

Lyndon Greeshaw, Mechanical Engineer, Austin Engineering states: “EDEM and ANSYS software let us simulate any on-site condition and demonstrate to our clients that each solution will meet their specific needs. The EDEM Add-In for ANSYS Workbench provides an easy-to-use and streamlined interface for performing realistic analysis of our equipment designs. With this capability we can optimise the design and performance of each Austin Engineering truck body.”



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