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Load Stability of Bulk Cargoes during Ship Transport

By A.W. Roberts, T. Krull, K.C. Williams The safe ocean transport of bulk cargoes on large bulk ships is vitally dependent on the stability of the cargo under the influence of the rolling, pitching and yawing motion of the ship and the transmission of vibration from the ship’s engine and propulsion machinery as well as wave motion induced whipping. Safety standards for ship transport are set by such bodies as the International Maritime Organisation with recommended tests for the assessment of bulk ores deemed suitable for safe ship transport. These test procedures are somewhat empirical and take no account of the well established and proven flow property tests, analysis and design methodologies widely accepted in field of bulk solids handling. These matters are discussed in this article. The stress states in loaded bulk cargoes are examined with respect to the establishment of maximum limits for surface rill angles as a function of a ship’s roll angles. Continue reading Load Stability of Bulk Cargoes during Ship Transport