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Pelletron: Introducing the new and improved C-20 DeDuster® for Injection Molders

The C-20 DeDuster®, introduced to the market by Pelletron in 2014, was welcomed by Injection molders because of its simple operation, excellent cleaning performance and economical price point. It is the most effective dust removal system on the market, capable of processing up to 100 lb/h of dry, granular material.

The lightweight C-20 DeDuster® (20 lb) requires only 10.5 in installation height between the hopper loader and inlet hopper of an injection molding machine. Therefore, it does not require additional floor space.

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Meet our “bulk-online Leader”: Pelletron Corporation

Pelletron’s experienced Bulkmatology® team provides Pneumatic Conveying and DeDusting solutions for the Plastics, Minerals, Food, and Pharmaceutical Industries. Whether it`s de-bottlenecking existing systems or designing complete turnkey plants from the ground up, Pelletron`s extensive know-how and experience ensures that solutions are efficient, cost-effective and meet the industry’s highest standards of quality.

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IPEG übernimmt Pelletron

Das Unternehmen IPEG, Inc., Spezialist für Anlagen im Bereich Kunststoffverarbeitung, Abfallrecycling und Energietransport, hat die Pelletron Corporation übernommen, einen führenden Anbieter von pneumatischen Fördersystemen, speziellen Entstaubungstechnologien und anderen Anlagenkomponenten. Pelletron wird als eigenständige Tochtergesellschaft von ihrem jetzigen Standort in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, aus weiter geführt. Finanzielle Details wurden nicht offengelegt.

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IPEG Acquires Pelletron

IPEG, Inc., with subsidiaries serving the plastics-processing, waste-recycling, and industrial heat-transfer markets, has acquired Pelletron Corporation, a leading supplier of pneumatic conveying systems, dust removal systems and other related products. The company will operate as an independent subsidiary at its existing location in Lancaster, PA. Financial terms are not being disclosed.
IPEG, headquartered in Cranberry Township, PA, is parent to Conair, a leading global manufacturer of auxiliary equipment for plastics processing, which also designs and sells material conveying systems.

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Advanced Cyclone Systems Institutional Video

Advanced Cyclone Systems, S.A. (ACS) is exclusively dedicated to the development, commercialization and installation of most efficient cyclone systems worldwide.

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Pelletron Corporation – DeDuster in Operation

The dust and streamer (angel hair) removal machine, tradenamed DeDuster®, is rated the number one separator by pneumatic conveying experts. The dust level after cleaning of resin, plastic pellets, regrind and other granules achieves dust levels below 30PPM. Elutriators and other low-efficient separators can be replaced with high efficient DeDuster®.

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DSH Dust Suppression Hoppers – Load Bulk without Dust

DSH Systems  provide an award winning dust control system for bulk loading dry goods. DSH Systems` Dust Suppression Hoppers are being adopted throughout the world.

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Pelletron Corporation – RC1DeDuster®

The RC1DeDuster® is designed for pellet cleaning on injection molding machines, extruders or stand alone.

Der RC1DeDuster® ist für die Reinigung von Granulat auf Spritzgußmaschinen, Extrudern oder als Einzelmaschine geeignet.

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Pelletron Corp – Pellbow®

The Pellbow® is a special pipe bend that reduces fines, eliminates the formation of streamers and is wear resistant. Available in sizes 1.5″ to 12″ (40mm to 300mm), in stainless steel, aluminum and cast iron. Fits pipe connection stub ends, loose or welded flanges and cast flange versions.

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SiloadmaxX – “Schüttgut zu Schüttgut”

Der Trickfilm der preisgekrönten Firma/Erfindung SiloadmaxX

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