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Flexicon (Europe): Tip-Tite Tipper for Mobile Bins

Whitstable, Kent, U.K. –  A new TIP-TITE® Hydraulic Tipper from Flexicon discharges bulk solid materials from mobile bins at controlled rates into downstream process equipment or storage vessels free of dust.

With lid open, the bin is rolled into a receiving frame, which positions it over a lifting tongue centred inboard of the castors. Side bracing prevents lateral movement of the bin during tipping.

After securing the bin in place with a safety-interlocked door, a pair of hydraulic cylinders raises the bin vertically, seating its rim against the underside of a rectangular discharge hood. A second pair of hydraulic cylinders then elevates and tips the assembly, causing the discharge spout on the hood to mate with a gasketed inlet ring fitted to the lid of receiving hoppers, storage vessels or process equipment for total dust containment.

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Flexicon Opens New Office in Germany

Aschaffenburg, GermanyFlexicon (Europe) Ltd has opened a new office here to provide factory-direct engineering services and technical sales support to customers throughout Germany, it was announced by Keith Bourton, Managing Director.

“The Aschaffenburg location will fuel Flexicon‘s rapid growth in the region by providing a dedicated German-language staff with full access to corporate resources,” explains Mr. Bourton.

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