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The RWN Rotary Feeders by TOREX® are designed for controlled discharge and feeding of pellets or wood chips from silos, hoppers or similar containers. The excellent cutting performance by the Hardox® rotor and feed rates of 2, 5, 10 and 20 litres per revolution, in combination with the available speeds of 20 and 30 revolutions per minute, make the RWN the ideal rotary feeder for use in solids combustion plants.

For the SCHMID Group, a Swiss family-owned business, which since 1936 has been specialising in wood energy solutions for heating systems, these were the main reasons for the deployment of the RWN in their plants.

RWN Rotary Feeders by TOREX

Another convincing aspect was certification as back-burn protection according to TRVB H 118. A further plus was ex-stock availability from the WAM Helvetia warehouse in Altishofen. SCHMID, who deliver their heating systems worldwide, have been relying for years on the high quality standards of TOREX®’ RWN-type Rotary Valves.


The WAM Valve Division specialises in:
Dust-tight butterfly and slide gate valves, diverter valves, dome valves, ball segment valves, safety pressure relief valves for silos or bins, pipe elbows for pneumatic conveying systems, volumetric micro-batch screw feeders.

TOREX® specialises in:
Telescopic loading spouts or bellows, drop-through and blow-through rotary valves, pinch valves, diverter valves, impact flow meters for powders or granules, level indicators and probes, gain-in-weight or loss-in-weight screw and weigh belt feeders.


Rotary Valves – Rotary Feeders

Butterfly Valves

Slide Valves

Pinch Valves

Diverter Valves

Pressure Relief Valves

Double Dump Valves

Ball Segment Valves

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