Shangyu, People’s Republic of China, Summer 2015

The perhaps most extraordinary part of the history of OLI-WOLONG is the moment when in 1997 WAMGROUP® Chairman & C.E.O., Vainer Marchesini, and Chen Jiang Cheng met for the first time.

In less than fifteen years the president of the WOLONG Group had succeeded in transforming the company he had founded in 1984 into one of the largest electrical groups in China. The two men, having a similar professional background, shared the same vision of industrialising their product aiming at market leadership. Their passion and pioneering spirit gave rise to a joint venture which would result in today’s worldwide leading position of OLI® as supplier of industrial vibrators.


OLI-WOLONG in summer 2015
OLI-WOLONG in summer 2015

Earlier that year Marchesini had decided to incorporate the OLI® brand into WAMGROUP®. The owner of the small craft business had reached retirement and didn’t have a successor. Though lacking in sales volume and market share, the company boasted considerable know-how in vibration technology. Electric and pneumatic external vibrators, as well as concrete vibrators (pokers) were all complementary to the WAMGROUP® range of products. After moving the OLI® workshop from its original location in Milan near the WAMGROUP® headquarters in Modena, the industrialisation process of OLI® products started. Giorgio Gavioli, who had worked as a sales engineer for WAM® for almost ten years, was appointed general manager of the new OLI®.

Meanwhile, WAMGROUP®’s Chinese subsidiary in Shanghai looked back on two years of rocketing sales in the world’s most booming economy. Always on the lookout for high quality components, WAM Shanghai came across WOLONG with whom they entered a client-supplier relationship. In 1999 the plan of setting up together a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant for mass production of industrial vibrators became reality. Under the management of Zhou Jun, in close cooperation with its Italian sister company, OLI-WOLONG has become the main reference point in vibration technology and a reliable partner for OLI® products worldwide.



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