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SER s.r.l. specialises in recycling of HDPE polymers which are recovered through separate waste collection. The process includes various stages from grinding, washing, separating to drainage, to re-granulation and storage of the final product in granular form.

A decade of experience in the field of plastics processing is the foundation of the success SER has been able to enjoy on the global market. The company is able to provide consistent product quality, flexible production and specialised technical support to meet specific customer needs.

The company’s objective has been to increase control and accuracy in material feeding so as to obtain the highest quality finished product possible.

SER required a solution to definitively replace a system previously used with the aim of increasing the performance of the plant.

Following the construction of their Salsomaggiore Terme plant in northern Italy back in 2008, SER carried out a significant extension in May 2015.

Particular attention was paid to the selection of those components linked to feeding material into the extruder.


Over the years the results expected of feeding accuracy and the conditions in which the material enters the extruder had failed to meet SER’s requirements.

“Monitoring the feeding of material into the re-granulating extruder is essential to ensure high quality of the finished product”, says Michele Robbe, the managing director of SER.

“Our plant operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We were looking for a permanent solution to our feeding problem and the new WAMGROUP® VIB-type Slide Valve gave immediate positive results: ease of installation thanks to its low profile, optimised space and overall footprint of the plant”, Robbe adds.

The goal of definitely solving SER’s problem has been fully achieved. Compared to to the former solution, which used two butterfly valves mounted on top of each other, the new VIB Slide Valve allows quicker hopper feeding due to a higher flow rate.

SER has obtained further important benefits from the installation of the VIB Slide Valve: reduction of the overall dimensions of the feeding system, ease of maintenance, along with higher reliability of product quality within a round-the-clock plant operation.

“Finally we have obtained the complete control on what is being fed into our extruder. The benefits of the technical solution proposed by WAMGROUP® have contributed to optimising the process, as well as to increasing the quality of our finished products”, Michele Robbe concludes.


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