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Discovering WAM® in Brazil

São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil, December 2015

Since 1999 WAMGROUP® has been represented in Brazil by its own subsidiary near São Paulo, the country’s economic and financial capital.

Responsible for distribution of the WAMGROUP® product range in Brazil and, since 2001, as the Group’s South American manufacturing hub for screw conveyors and other WAMGROUP® equipment, it is the goal of WAM do Brasil to provide a vast customer base with attractively priced products in industrial quality, specifically tailored to the different needs of a variety of industries in their home market and in some neighbouring territories. Customer satisfaction through professional advice, comprehensive service and constant availability backed up by a vast stock of equipment, accessories and spare parts are an expectation WAM do Brasil is ready to fulfil day by day.

By starting production at WAM do Brasil in 2001, WAMGROUP® confirmed its intention of a long-term presence in the South American marketplace.

While according to WAM do Brasil’s general manager, Andrea Ferri, the short-term outlook on the Brazilian economy is not positive, the country’s high potential in terms of natural and professional resources is leaving WAMGROUP® confident about future business opportunities.

BA Bin Activator by WAMGROUP
BA Bin Activator by WAMGROUP


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WAMGROUP is a "bulk-online Leader"

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