The Design and Operation of Bin Activators

R. Wahl, USA

bulk solids handling Vol. 1 (1981) No. 1, pp. 43−46

This paper highlights the history and philosophy of bin activator design and details the application and operation of the highly successful vibrated bin discharger.


The Bin Activator was developed almost 20 years ago in response to the basic processing need for reliable material flow from storage. At the time of its conception volumetric vibrator feeders which could meter a variety of materials with accuracies of ± 1 to 2%, were gaining greater acceptance throughout the industry. However, as with all processing units, their performance was dependent upon a continuous supply and flow of material. Existing bin discharge methods such as bin vibrators and air injection methods, could not be relied upon to provide the flow characteristics required for optimum feeder performance. As a result, a concentrated effort was mounted at that time to find a reliable way to move difficult materials from storage…..

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