Tank Connection Unveils Glass/Porcelain Enamel Coating Line

Tank Connection, headquartered in Parsons, KS, USA , is nearing completion of an expansion at their Galesburg, KS facility. This equipment expansion consists of the most technologically advanced setup for the application of glass/porcelain enamel-to-steel panels to support continued growth in their liquid storage markets. The new glass-fused-to-steel tank panel line expansion will come online in January.

According to Board Chairman Bill Neighbors, “This new glass line represents the latest in porcelain enamel technology. There are other glass storage tank products offered in the marketplace today, but none that fulfill Tank Connection quality and performance standards. Glass coatings have a mixed history of inconsistent field performance in water storage applications. Spalling (flaking glass), fish scale (scaling glass) and pin holes in the coating are all age-old problems associated with glass applied to bolted steel panels. Our new line and glass coating formulations are designed to address all deficiencies with consistent production quality. AQUA AGT 2020™ is formulated to provide superior, long-term field performance in water, wastewater and industrial liquid storage applications.”

At the Galesburg, KS facility, the president of Tank Connection, Vince Horton, and Shane Nash, VP of Operations, inspect a new porcelain enamel furnace that is being installed.

“The development of AQUA AGT 2020™ is actually the culmination of the best minds in the industry,” states VP of Operations Shane Nash. “This includes Tank Connection as a global leader in the design and manufacture of storage tank products, Porcelain Industries for coating formulations and proprietary application expertise, and Worldwide Finishing for the latest in equipment technology. AQUA AGT (advanced glass technology) utilizes a two furnace-fire application which represents the best process for firing high quality porcelain enamel.”

Tank Connection is recognized in the storage tank industry for their advanced powder coating systems used in liquid and dry bulk storage applications. Tank Connection maintains two fusion powder coating lines that both run over twice the length of a football field and includes 14 stations, 21 stages and over 110 application processes, checks and inspections. Both lines apply a high-performance epoxy powder coating called LIQ Fusion 7000 FBE™. Tank Connection also maintains two liquid coating lines for special bolted applications and shop-welded tank production. When glass coatings are specified, the new glass/porcelain enamel line represents their latest development to service-select municipal and industrial applications.

Tank Connection is an employee owned company that manufactures all of its storage tank products in the U.S.A. Its products and services are specified and supplied through a domestic and global network of representatives, dealers and house account clients.

Bill Neighbors, Chairman of the Board, Tank Connection LLC, at Powder & Bulk Solids International, Chicago 2016

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