SWR engineering becomes envea

Schliengen, GermanySWR engineering Messtechnik GmbH has been part of the international Environnement S. A. group of companies since October 2016. After more than a year of very successful cooperation between all companies in the group, a further milestone on the way to becoming a global player is set in January 2018 with the introduction of the Trade Mark enveaTM.

From now on, all companies of the group will be merged under enveaTM into a single brand. Under enveaTM, the many years of experience and know-how are further expanded. The Group’s focus is on three core businesses: environmental, emission,  and process measurement.

The Group hopes to provide a more complete vision of its monitoring solutions, for the benefit of its customers, together with its high added value services. Its high precision monitoring analyzers allows the compliance with current environmental regulations and contribute to the optimization of industrial processes for a better efficiency, raw materials and energy savings, reduction of environmental impacts.

The company has setup a new organization focused on its three core businesses: Ambient Air, Industry & Process, and Emissions. The Group is accelerating its organic development and growth through an ambitious unified Research, Development & Innovation program, and is also continuously targeting first-class acquisitions.

Undeniably, with the arrival of companies such as PCME Ltd. (UK) – continuous particulate emission measurement systems, flue gas flow meters and devices for measuring the performance of industrial filtration systems – SWR engineering Messtechnik GmbH (Germany) – systems for the detection and measurement of bulk solids – and TDL Ltd. (UK) – gas analyzers based on the use of high-resolution lasers – synergy is materializing. Projects and skills are being combined, streamlining and accelerating the development of the most advanced analysis technologies for gas, flow and particulate measurements.

The Group’s objective to reach an annual turnover close to EUR 80 million is about to be achieved, the group is preparing to exceed its target of EUR 100 million by 2020.

To discover the new image of enveaTM, visit our web page www.envea.global.

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