SWR announces new R&D facilities to meet company’s growth

SWR engineering Messtechnik GmbH (subsidiary of Environnement S.A Group) has inaugurated a new R&D building in May 2017, which was necessary to meet the company’s growth and expanding capabilities. Now the R&D department will offer enough space to realize new product ideas.

The new R&D building of SWR engineering Messtechnik in Schliengen, Germany

SWR engineering Messtechnik GmbH was founded in 1994 with its headquarter located in Schliengen, in the south of Germany. SWR is the leading supplier of continuous measurement technology for processed solids across a wide range of industries. A high level of innovation and customer-orientation has led to an excellent market acceptance through offices in Germany, France and China and a network of more than 25 distributors worldwide.

The opening ceremony for the new R&D Center

Since October 2016, SWR is part of the Environnement S.A Group (ESA), the leading European supplier of environmental monitoring equipment. This alliance strengthened the possibilities within the process market and provided additional product ranges.

With that, SWR ‘s growth plan and strategy was boosted, allowing the technology to reach new customers and new markets , while strengthening the capacity to develop new applications.

The new R&D building will offer now a lot of space for further development and future business growth.

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