Sterling Systems & Controls: Reducing Dust in Bulk Bag Unloader

Sterling (IL), United States Sterling Systems & Controls line of bulk bag unloading systems available with integral dust containment. The integral dust containment system provides operator access to the bag spout for connecting a new full bag or disconnecting an empty bag, within a Dust Containment Box.

Operator access to a positive shutoff valve to turn flow from the bag on and off as needed is provided within the Dust Containment Box.  This valve (iris type valve) allows the operator to connect a new full bag and untie its spout without an immediate flow of material from the bulk bag.

Once the operator is ready and a new bag is connected, the operator slowly opens the valve manually until it is full open.  The same process is performed in reverse when the bag is empty. Significant dust can be present when the bag is “empty”, if the operator does not account for residual material left in the bag at the empty condition. If the spout is left open, dust can easily escape during removal or when compressed for disposal or recycling.

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