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Magaldi, founded in 1929, is the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial machinery and plants for the transportation of materials in severe conditions, used in foundries, smelters, steel mills, cement plants, incinerator plants and solid-fuel power plants, with more than 1000 installations worldwide.

Our technologies are based on the Magaldi Superbelt® technology: a patented steel belt conveyor able to convey hot, abrasive and heavy materials in extreme conditions, from fines to bulk material.


Magaldi Superbelt®conveyor: a patented steel belt conveyor able to convey hot, abrasive and heavy materials in extreme conditions, from castings to foundry sand.

The main advantage of all Magaldi conveyors is the high dependability due to the construction features of the Magaldi Superbelt® belt: a multi-link traction media supported by upper idlers with plates directly attached to a steel mesh.

Compared to a traditional chain belt (single link), the mesh ensures that the conveyor will never stop. Even in the extremely unlikely event that part of the mesh fails, the mesh would continue to offer the correct traction force to enable the conveyor to operate. On the contrary, a failure on a traditional chain conveyor leads to the complete shutdown of the production line.

The Magaldi portfolio of solutions developed for the Foundry industry and widely applied in more than 20 Countries includes a large list of applications that represent the perfect compromise as they are neither based on a traditional Apron technology nor a common Vibrating one.

Magaldi MCC Magaldi Casting Cooler
Magaldi Casting Cooler (MCC)

MCC® – Magaldi Casting Cooler: specifically designed for casting transportation and cooling. It is equipped with a cooling tunnel, held under negative pressure, in which a stream of cooling air flows at a controlled speed to avoid thermal shocks for castings. Ambient air is sucked from the centre of the cooling tunnel and it is forced to enter the extremities of the cooling tunnel itself.
A Magaldi Integrated Supervision System (MISS) allows to control the cooling air flow, the belt speed and the casting temperatures.


Magaldi Ecobelt - Dust proof steel belt
Magaldi Ecobelt – Dust proof steel belt

Magaldi Ecobelt® – Hot sand transportation: a dust proof steel belt conveyor used in foundries for hot sand transportation. Its key component is the Magaldi Superbelt® conveyor, designed completely enclosed in a steel casing, suitable to prevent dust dispersion into the environment. It is equipped with the Magaldi O-chain®: a chain conveyor enclosed in an independent casing, tailored around the Magaldi Ecobelt® tail section. Its function is to receive the fine residuals taken from the Ecobelt® bottom and reload them onto the Magaldi Superbelt®, creating a close loop.
The Ecobelt® is the ideal alternative to pneumatic systems or vibrating/bucket elevators. It can be applied with inclinations up to 48°.

Magaldi Superbelt - De-gating and shot-blasting loading
Magaldi Superbelt – De-gating and shot-blasting loading

Magaldi Superbelt® “PR type”: designed to facilitate sorting and degating operations in foundries. Without sidewalls, it allows operators to drag the castings over the lateral chutes during the sorting operation. Thanks to the Superbelt® smooth and noiseless (below 68 dB) operation, the equipment can be used as a moving worktable. Chipping and de-gating of the castings can be safely carried out directly on the belt, without the need of lifting each single casting to place it on the lateral worktables or to sort in lateral boxes.

Magaldi Superbelt® “PZ type”: based on the features of the Superbelt “P type”, adding a belt surface without steps in the overlapping area of the pans.

It is the ideal solution for applications with robots or where the precise and repeatable position of the casting is required. In some applications, automatic sorting by a fix deviator is allowed.

Magaldi Superbelt®HD conveyor: suitable for the heaviest applications.
The unique damage-tolerant design of the Superbelt HD® with steel pans made of anti-wear Hardox 400 allows to manage heavy loads and withstand high impact forces whilst ensuring safe, continuous and reliable operation.

Magaldi Superbelt HD - Steel scrap handling
Magaldi Superbelt HD – Steel scrap handling

Magaldi Superbelt® furnace feeding system: able to convey and feed heavy metallic scrap to furnace in a very tough environment. The system is fitted with a static reception hopper installed onto the Superbelt® charging section lined with anti-wear steel, an outlet chute specifically designed to fit the furnace hood while opened containing fumes and dust and to direct the scrap into the center of the furnace, reducing the furnace damages. The system can be mounted on a motorized trolley chassis to move forward and backward in order to enters the furnace, filling it in a very short time and improving worker safety.

Magaldi Superbelt® DRI: thanks to its ability to withstand high temperature, it ensures a dependable transportation of DRI in an insulated environment, allowing to minimize the loss of temperature inside the DRI.

The innovative sealing skirt-boarded applied in the carrying section of the Magaldi Superbelt® DRI conveyor allows to contain the inert gas in the conveying section, minimizing the re-oxidation of the DRI too. In this way, all the Fe contained in the DRI contributes to the production of the furnace, also minimizing the slag quantity.

Magaldi designs and supplies special conveyors for metal refining and metallurgical processes, allowing to maintain high temperature on an inert atmosphere or, alternatively, to enhance the cooling process during material transportation.

Magaldi Superbelt - Ferro-manganese sinter transportation
Magaldi Superbelt – Ferro-manganese sinter conveying

Magaldi Ecobelt® for sinter transportation (manganese, lead, niobium, copper, ferrochrome etc.): the latest state of the art conveyor for handling hot materials, aggressive chemicals, heavy or sharp products, ensuring a safe and environmentally friendly operation. This conveyor is totally enclosed in a tight casing to prevent any spillage of material into the environment and it is equipped with the Magaldi O-Chain® which reloads the fines onto the main belt.

Magaldi MAC - Dry bottom ash handling system
Magaldi MAC – Dry bottom ash handling system

Magaldi Ecobelt® WA: a conveyor for dry extraction, cooling and handling of bottom ash produced by waste incinerators. It is totally enclosed in a tight casing to prevent any spillage of material into the environment.
Instead of the traditional “wet” extraction system, Magaldi has introduced the “dry” extraction concept for bottom ash in WtE plants, as done in solid-fuel Power Plants since 1985.

The Magaldi Ecobelt® WA provides several advantages to the plant:
• Zero water usage. No water treatment system required;
• Reduction of the bottom ash weight at system discharge since water is not present anymore;
• Damage-tolerant design of conveyor, ensuring low power demand, low O&M costs, low noise, high dependability;
• Boiler efficiency improvement due to recovery of ash enthalpy in form of sensible heat;
• Improved efficiency of the dry process for metals separation from the slag;
• No risk of boiler shutdown.

Magaldi Ecobelt® BIO: a system to handle, cool and transport bottom ashes produced by stoker grate boilers burning biomass, without the usage of any water. In case of bottom ash with high percentages of unburned carbon residues, the Magaldi Ecobelt® BIO enhances the unburned carbon conversion, producing low carbon ash. According to boiler lay-out and restrictions, the same system can be used to also convey grate siftings and fly ash from the hoppers located under the second and third boiler passes.
It is based on the Magaldi Superbelt® technology and totally enclosed in a tight casing to prevent any spillage of material into the environment.

MAC® Magaldi Ash Cooler: a technology to handle, cool and transport bottom ashes from boilers without the usage of any water, using a small quantity of ambient air for cooling.

Dry Technology eliminates all serious problems associated with the use of water, thus responding to the most stringent environmental regulations and ensuring the continuous operation of the plant without interruption 24/365. No risk of boiler shutdown is guaranteed by the multilink Superbelt® design that ensures continuous ash removal, low wear, low power demand, long service-life, low O&M costs, safe operation.

SuperMAC® system: a patented system for dry extraction, enhanced air cooling and mechanical handling of bottom ash from coal-fired boilers, burning high ash content coals (over 20÷30%, like Indian ones) or other low rank coals.

FLUIMAC®: a system developed for the dry handling of bed ash from Fluidized Bed Combustion (FBC) boilers. It allows to increase the boiler efficiency fractionally, effecting substantial fuel savings, as the cooling air picking up the heat from the bed ashes can re-enter it into the boiler.

MAP® – Magaldi Ash Postcombustor: Bottom ash post-combustion system to enhance and control the post-combustion of unburned particles on the steel belt in case of biomass/RDF co-combustion in PCF boilers.

MAR® – Magaldi Ash Recycling: Dry bottom ash recycling system to re-cycle the dry bottom ash back into the boiler, so that the unit will produce only fly ash.

MRS®: Mill rejects mechanical handling system




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