General Kinematics Corporation: A Profile

General Kinematics is a global leader in vibratory process systems and solutions. GK’s bulk handling equipment is designed to maximize your systems throughput while adding value to your process. General Kinematics specializes in vibrating equipment and solutions for bulk processing of material in the foundry, recycling, scrap, mining, minerals, food, chemical, and wood industries. Each piece of GK equipment is custom engineered to your specifications to meet your process objectives.

General Kinematics supplies vibratory equipment for feeding, conveying, activating, separating, drying, processing, grinding, screening, dewatering, elevating, and more. Our vibratory equipment is designed using the principle of two-mass, which allows you to do more work with significantly less horsepower. All General Kinematics machines are engineered for extended service life using only the best components available, maximizing your process uptime.

Tom Musschoot, GK President
Tom Musschoot, GK President


With offices and service personnel located around the world, GK is there when you need us, 24/7/365. Our expertise in vibratory technology is backed by the industries best service team, giving you a true partner in vibratory process equipment selection, design, commissioning, and service.

Upgrade from Screw Conveyors to Vibratory Technology


GK Bulk Material Handling Equipment & Processing Solutions

GK Fluid Bed Processors

Vibrating Fluid Bed Processors

Two-Mass Variable Angle Fluid Beds

V2™ Variable Vector Fluid Bed Processors

Vibratory Elutriators

Fluid Bed Sand Coolers

Additive Spray Coating Systems

GK Vibratory Slag Quenching Conveyor
GK Vibratory Slag Quenching Conveyor
GK Vibratory Bulk Conveying Products

Syncro-Coil® Vibrating Conveyors

SPIRA-FLOW™ Vibrating Spiral Conveyors

KWIXTROK™ Horizontal Motion Conveyors

Vibratory Transfer Conveyors

Vibratory Under Toaster Conveyors

VIBRA-BELT® Vibratory Belt Conveyor

GK Mining and Minerals Products

GK Balanced High Stroke Feeder
GK Balanced High Stroke Feeder
Vibrating Feeders

PARA-MOUNT II® Vibrating Feeders

Vibrating Grizzly Feeders

Vibratory Rock Screens / Feeders

PARA-MOUNT II® Totally Enclosed Vibratory Feeders

Direct-Drive Vibratory Feeders

The world's largest UN-COALER (Seot. 11, 2013)
The world’s largest UN-COALER (Seot. 11, 2013)
Material Activation

UN-COALER® Activator / Feeder

HULA-HOPPER® Bin Activator / Feeder

Standard Bin Activators

High Performance Car Shakeout

Grinding and Attrition

VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mills/Leaching Systems

VIBRA-MILL® Vibratory Batch Sand Reclaimer Machine

HMG™ Vibratory Tube Crusher

VIBRA-JAW™ Vibratory Jaw Crushers


STM-Series Two-Mass Vibratory Screen
Screening Solutions

STM-S™ High Capacity Vibrating Screens

Two-Mass Vibratory Screens

Two-Mass Banana Screens

Vibrating Screens




Vibrating Grizzly Feeders

GK Industrial Recycling Equipment & Recycling Screen Technologies

Construction & Demolition Recycling

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Sorting Solutions

MULTI-STREAM™ Recycling Systems

Waste to Energy Equipment

• Bottom Ash Conveyors

• Forestry / Wood Handling Equipment

• Scrap Processing Equipment

• FINGER-SCREEN™ Vibrating Screeners

GK DE-STONER® in action
GK DE-STONER® in action


• DE-STONER® Air Classifier / Density Separator

• Vibratory Recycling Screens

GK Foundry Equipment & Foundry Machinery

Cleaning Room Solutions

Melting and Sprue Cleaning

Lost Foam Casting System

Sand Handling, Cooling, and Reclamation

Casting Cooling Equipment

Slag and Dross Reclamation

Vibratory Conveyors for Foundry Applications

Vibrating Feeders for Foundry Applications

Vibratory Shakeouts

GK's Ducta-Screen® Rotary Shakeouts
GK’s Ducta-Screen® Rotary Shakeouts


DUCTA-SERIES™ Rotary Drums

GK Technical Center

GK Demonstration Lab

GK Vibratory Control Packages

Dynamically Balancing Vibratory Equipment


GK Video Library





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