Martin Engineering: Conveyor Belt Cleaner for tight Spaces

Neponset (IL), USA – Martin Engineering has introduced a new design specifically for applications where space for installation is limited.  The new SQC2STM RM (Reduced MiniCleaner from Martin Engineering is a compact secondary belt cleaner that allows installation in close quarters, built with a narrow profile that resists material build-up.

Patented rubber buffers maintain cleaning pressure on the new design, engineered to deflect and allow splices to pass without damage to the belt or cleaner, even on reversing belts. The rugged construction incorporates individually-cushioned stainless steel blades with tungsten carbide tips for effective cleaning withnegligible risk to belt, splice or blade, and it can withstand even punishing operating conditionsincluding corrosive environments, high-speed belts and high-tonnage loads. 

The new design can withstand punishing operating conditions,
including high-speed belts and high-tonnage loads. (Picture: Martin Engineering Company)

“The blades conform to the belt profileadjusting individually to deliver continuous contact across the belt,” explained Dave Mueller, Conveyor Products Manager at Martin Engineering.  “In a perfect world, bulk materials would load uniformly, wearing the blade evenly, but that rarely happens.  By having multiple segments attached to a single rigid assembly, the tension can be maintained and adjusted accurately, quickly and safely.”

Blade replacement is a simple operation by
removing the lock pin and sliding out the cartridge. (Picture: Martin Engineering Company)

Like the other designs in the SQC2 product line, blade removal and replacement is a simple operation by removing the lock pin from the main support assembly and sliding out the cartridge.  The lock pins are a key component to Martin Engineering’s “no-reach design,” which allows workers to conduct their lockout / tag-out procedure more safely.  The unit is one of Martin Engineering’s Safety First™ family of products, helping customers achieve OSHA compliance.

Suitable for belt widths from 18-72 inches (4501829 mm) and operating speeds up to 750 fpm (3.81 m/sec), the SQC2S RM blade sections conform to the belt profile by adjusting individually to deliver continuous contact across the entire belt.  The unit can be used in applications involving operating temperatures between -30°F and 300°

(-34°C and 149°C).  The design features all steel powder coated construction, (except for the rubber buffer), with .  A dust-tight door to cover the opening for the mainframe has also been designed to fit the reduced component size, for a clean, efficient installation.

The rugged construction features individually-cushioned
tungsten carbide blades for effective cleaning. (Picture: Martin Engineering Company)

The SQC2S RM requires just 5.27 inches (134 mm) of space from the tip of the blade to the bottom of the mainframe.  Similar to the original design, when the blade wears out, the removable cartridge allows easy replacement, so the end user can have a spare cartridge on the shelf.  When the time comes to switch them out, the conveyor is only out of service for a matter of minutes.  The used cartridge may then be taken back to the shop, where the blades can be replaced and the cartridge put back on the shelf for the next changeout.

The tensioners allow simple adjustment of blade-to-belt pressure to maintain cleaning efficiency, regardless of blade wear.  The SQC2S RM is experten to find utility in applications where installation space is at a premium, including biomass, recycling, waste-to-energy, trash sorting, foundries and steel production.

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