Loadscan Overbelt Conveyor Volume Scanner provides hassle-free Reporting

Hamilton, New Zealand – The Loadscan Conveyor Volume Scanner (CVS) is an above-belt lidar laser measurement system suited for production management as it provides unambiguous data, including 3D profiling, in real-time or period reporting. The Loadscan belt scanner gives users a clear understanding of inventory production rates (or contract crushing quantities) in volume and tonnes. 

The single laser scan-head continuously scans the full width of a conveyor belt at high angular resolution to capture accurate volumetric measurement of the material flowing by. The Loadscan conveyor volume scanner works across all conveyor belts – the standard scan head is simply fixed to the appropriately sized frame, which expands or contracts, for a secure fit to the user’s particular belt. With the correct size frame, the CVS can run on any belt from 400 mm to 2000 mm wide (and can be custom mounted on belts up to 3000 mm). The API enables the user to set up a list of jobs; instructing their dispatch system to deliver the specified job quantities (which can be reported direct to the loader operator’s cab) and allowing the job run to be initiated by the loader operator.

“We are really excited about this product. The concept of a belt scanner has been around for a while – customers have been asking for it – and now we can deliver a well-designed solution that’s easy to install and affordable, that has a software interface that is stacked with functionality, and that’s user-friendly,” Carey West, Owner and Director of Loadscan said. “The CVS can be used on deep belts, supplying accurate measurement for material quantities that were previously thought to be too great for bulk flow volume scanning.”


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