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Kesner a.s. (Plc.)  company is a manufacturing engineering firm, operating on the market since 1991, offering services in the field of technological transport and storage of bulk and lump materials.

Kesner manufacturing plant in Kraliv Dvur, Czech Republic
Kesner manufacturing plant in Kraliv Dvur, Czech Republic

The company operates as a supplier for major domestic and foreign companies in construction, energy, metallurgical and other industries. The offer includes the implementation of capital projects, reconstruction – upgrading or increasing capacity of existing technological operations and production lines.

To support the design proposals, quotations and implementation we use proven 3D CAD and our SW partners information systems for processing technically and spatially challenging tasks with respect to the operation, maintenance and especially the rapidly increasing demands on hygiene and the environment.

Thanks to this we achieve maximum clarity of communication with investors and project organizations in the course of projects/contracts, as well as the optimal replacement design and implementation documents produced so far in text form visual output.

Vertical transport
Vertical transport: KEP Bucket Belt Elevator


Vertical transport
Vertical transport: SPD Belt Elevator (FLEXOWELL®)
Pipe conveyor
Pipe Belt Conveyors PDT (FLEXOPIPE®)





Production program:

Horizontal Transport:
–  Belt, Shuttle and Loader Belt Conveyors PD

–  Pipe Belt Conveyors PDT (FLEXOPIPE®)

–  Dosing Belt Conveyors DP

–  Screw Conveyor Trough ZSD

–  Screw Conveyor Trough ZSG

–  Screw Conveyors Pipe TRSN

–  Chain Conveyors RD (REDLER)

–  Vibrating Feeders VP

Vertical Transport:
–  SPD Belt Elevator (FLEXOWELL®)

–  KEP Bucket Belt Elevator

–  KER Bucket Chain Elevator

–  Rotary Feeders TPD

–  Slide Gates SUR

–  Bar Gates TU

–  Rectifier Valves USK

–  Segment Closures SEU

–  Revolving Distributing Chutes RSV

–  Revolving Distributing Valves ROK

Drum Feeders BP



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