KEITH Walking Floor – Versatile Horizontal Trailer Unloading

KEITH has adapted its proven WALKING FLOOR® technology to numerous industries, resulting in a safer, more efficient and versatile trailer. The WALKING FLOOR® system serves as the flooring of a trailer and is a self-unloading system. This “moving floor” unloader is made of a series of floor slats, which are powered by a hydraulic drive. As the floor cycles through its phases, material is conveyed or unloaded.

Designed to handle a variety of bulk products, KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® systems offer many benefits over conventional tipper trailers. The horizontal unloading action of a moving floor system eliminates many of the hazards using tipping trailers to unload products in the field. Trailers with WALKING FLOOR® systems can safely unload on uneven ground; provide a controlled material discharge; and can unload in windy conditions. There is no risk of hitting overhead power cables or trees during unloading.

Walking Floor unloading compost
Walking Floor unloading compost

Trailers can also unload in tunnels, under bridges and inside buildings. This makes a WALKING FLOOR® unloader the ideal choice for a variety of bulk material. Unloading speed can be regulated, allowing for controlled material flow. It also allows for delivery of partial loads or loads at multiple locations. Systems unload agricultural commodities, seed, mulch, wood products, aggregate and a many other materials.

For more than 40 years, KEITH Mfg. Co. has provided a variety of industries with reliable and innovative WALKING FLOOR® technology.


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