indurad: iBelt™ – Volume Scanner, Speed and Misalignment Measurement

iBelt™ is a radar based solution to measure belt volume, speed and misalignment on conveyor belts with >99% accuracy. It is a highly robust solution for a high-definition profile measurement even under difficult environmental circumstances as dust, rain and snow.

Fig. 1: iBelt with 3 Radar Sensors

iBelt is a modular and cost effective solution:
2D Radar iDRR™: measures belt load and material distribution on the conveyor belt.
1D Speed iDVR™: measures ultra precise belt / material speed. Integrates seamless with the 2D Radar iDRR (plug + play). If no iDVR is put of the solution, speed can either be a fixed value, or input can come from an encoder / via PLC.
1D millimeter iLDR™: measures better than 1 mm the load position on the belt and the alignment/belt offset. Often also used as stand alone.

All components can be easily and cost-effective installed: over the belt, not in belt. There is only one-time auto calibration required. The sensors do not loose their calibration, measurements results do not fade away.

Fig. 2: Example of collected data

On each iBelt runs a webserver. In the first step it is used for parametrizations and maintenance of the system. It shows all measurement results in real-time and with a historic overview. Data can be downloaded for import into spreadsheets, etc.

Of course the iBelt connects to all industrial interfaces with PLC and SCADA Systems (4…20 mA, Digital I/O, RS 232, 422, 485, Ethernet and WLAN, Socket TCP/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet TCP/IP, Profibus, DeviceNet, CAN-Bus etc.)

Density can be calculated by the iBelt in combination with an existing belt scale. Even if mass is critical for you, the iBelt alarms when belt scales drift. Thus it is an independent crosscheck of data you can build your business on.

Fig. 3: Benefits of the iBelt Solution

iBelt is used in different industries, for producing coal, hard & lignite, iron ore, copper & polymetallic, concrete & cement, potash & fertilizers, alumina & bauxit, pulp & paper, food & feed & fine chemicals and specialities. It is used in mines and ports on all continents, except Antarctica. Applications are for process and machine control as well as inventory tracking and production reporting. The following photographs show some application examples. For further best practices or white papers about your requirements, please contact us:

Fig. 4: Primary Crushed Copper Ore, Atacama Desert (Chile)
Fig. 5: Iron Ore Fines, Pilbara (Australia)
Fig. 6: Belt with high inclination, Steam coming out of the coal, moving machine, permanent vibration of belt, shocks
Fig. 7: Freeboard measurement in underground coal mine

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