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Sunstate Cement makes the move to PE bags.

Waterproof, UV resistant and clean; the advantages of packaging powder-type products in Polyethylene (PE) plastic using Form, Fill and Seal (FFS) technology are providing companies around the world with the opportunity to gain a competitive edge.

Recognizing the benefits of using PE especially for their clients, Sunstate Cement Ltd, one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality cementitious products, made the decision to invest in new packaging equipment at its Port of Brisbane manufacturing facility. “We wanted to offer our customers a superior type of and the difference in packaging,” says Michael Fullelove, Operations Manager at Sunstate. “And PE offers a number of additional significant benefits. One huge advantage is that customers can store product outside all year long which means increased storage capacity and the ability to optimize overall logistic expenses.”

PE bags are also dust free which creates safer and cleaner working conditions, and an essential advantage at point of sale: “The bags are cleaner and we are able to print high-quality, eye-catching and individual branding,” says Fullelove.

Following its decision to implement PE bags, Sunstate sought out a highly efficient PE packing solution, selecting HAVER & BOECKER as its technology partner. The decision to partner with HAVER & BOECKER was based on the company’s full suite of solutions, ability to scale high efficient equipment and high level of support.

HAVER & BOECKER had a number of advantages over the other companies,” says Cameron Weir, Maintenance Manager at Sunstate. “It’s a ‘one-stop shop’ so we were able to buy all the equipment we needed from the one company. The total footprint of the equipment was a lot less than competitors and the capacity can be expanded more easily and for less cost compared to the alternatives. HAVER & BOECKER, with its local team of experts here in Australia, also has great customer support.”

Cameron Weir, Maintenance Manager and Michael Fullelove, Operations Manager (from left)
Cameron Weir, Maintenance Manager and Michael Fullelove, Operations Manager
(from left)

Sunstate’s complete technology solution comprises:

  • packaging machine – HAVER & BOECKER ROTO-PACKER® ADAMS® 4
  • drymix mixer – HAVER & BOECKER IBAU Storage Technology
  • palletiser – HAVER & BOECKER Newtec Palletizing Technology
  • stretch hood machine made by Lachenmeier

The products from this production line will start rolling off in November 2016. Alan Arbotante, Area Sales Manager for Packaging Technology at HAVER & BOECKER Australia, believes Sunstate’s solution will give the company a distinct edge in the market. “With the uptrend of the Do-It-Yourself market in Australia, the attractive and clean design of PE packaging will provide a competitive advantage to drymix manufacturers. “Sunstate is positioning itself as a leader in this market by offering innovative products in PE, efficiently packaged using the high speed HAVER & BOECKER ADAMS® technology.”

HAVER & BOECKER is a family-managed, midsize company with headquarters in Oelde, Westphalia, Germany. Under the umbrella of HAVER & BOECKER OHG, one finds the Wire Weaving and Machinery Divisions. Together with over 50 subsidiary companies on all five continents HAVER & BOECKER operates worldwide with more than 3,000 employees and 150 representatives. In 2015 the company posted a sales turnover of 456.5 million euros.

The Wire Weaving Division produces woven wire cloth and processes it into engineered woven wire products. They are used for screening and filtration by the chemical, plastics, automotive, aviation, aerospace, electronics, foodstuffs and feed industries, as well as for architectural applications and analysis sieves.

The Machinery Division and its technology brands HAVER & BOECKER, HAVER + TYLER, IBAU HAMBURG, SOMMER, BEHN + BATES, FEIGE FILLING and NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING is specialized in processing, transport, storage, mixing, filling, packing, palletizing and loading of bulk materials. The product range includes single machines and complete systems for the handling of powder-type and granulated materials, liquid and pasty products, food and animal feed, as well as ship loading and unloading equipment. HAVER Automation ensures the linking of the individual technologies for a transparent and effective process. HAVER Engineering develops processes and technologies for processing mineral raw materials, offers apprenticeship and in-service training and creates operator models.

The designation ®  indicates a registered trademark of HAVER & BOECKER oHG in Germany. Several indicated designations are protected trademarks also in other countries worldwide.



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