Geroldinger Exhibits at Powder & Bulk Solids Show in Chicago May 2016

Geroldinger is specialist in manufacturing tailored turnkey solutions to move bulk solids reliably and precisely to various processes.

The material handling specialist is a leading global provider of technology for a wide range of complex applications. On the basis of Geroldingers experience with hundreds of plants and facilities the company developed a unique product for producers and processors of bulk materials – the Bulk Solids Logistics Plant. A one stop plant that buffers and conveys bulk solids in exact quantities at the right speed to wherever it´s needed.

Services and Main Products:
• Complete section of industrial plants constructed for the purpose of storing, discharging, weighing, dosing, loosening, blending and conveying of bulk goods (especially those of low flowability). Includes all control systems and necessary equipment for mechanical processing.

• Round silos


• OSZILLOMAT discharge system

  • Agitators, multiple screw systems, vibration floors, pneumatic loosening systems.
  • Pneumatic conveying – Low, medium and high pressure conveying
  • Mechanical conveying – Screws, elevators, troughed chain conveyors
  • Process Control Technology
  • Engineering, Consulting, Testing and After Sales Services
Geroldinger round silos
Geroldinger round silos
Geroldinger Multigon Silo
Geroldinger Multigon Silo
OSZILLOMAT discharge system by Geroldinger
OSZILLOMAT discharge system by Geroldinger

Click here to watch the video on the Oszillomat


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