FLSmidth: Multiple Buffalo Reclaim Feeder Sizes released to the Market

Copenhagen, Denmark – FLSmidth Buffalo reclaim feeders reclaim stockpiles and deliver ROM material to a conveyor belt, sizer, or other processing equipment. The expanded range of FLSmidth Buffalo reclaim feeders allows customers to select the size best suited for their operational parameters, such as varied discharge heights and loading deck lengths.

Additionally, the modular design provides optimised adaptability to customers’ operations, such as replaceable decks and supports, or even containerised transportation to remote locations. FLSmidth’s Manager of Capital Equipment, PC Kruger, explains: “These modular reclaim solutions add value to any operation because they can be customised to meet specific requirements and tailored to improve productivity.”

The Buffalo brand of feeder breakers, introduced in 1975, became part of the FLSmidth group in 1999, changing its name to FLSmidth Buffalo. The Buffalo acquisition has strengthened FLSmidth’s position as a market-leading manufacturer and supplier of feeders, feeder breakers, and sizers. FLSmidth Buffalo equipment is manufactured and distributed globally.

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