Flexco introduces new TUG HD Belt Clamps for Heavy-Duty Mining Applications

Rosenfeld, Germany – Flexco recently unveiled a new product in its belt maintenance line, TUG HD Belt Clamps. Designed to secure the belt for safe repair, the new belt clamps are available in 6- and 8-ton versions to meet the most stringent safety test standards.

TUG™ HD® Belt Clamps provide even tensioning across the entire belt width, with an extruded non-slip grip pattern on the aluminum bars that provides ultimate holding power. The device clamps over the belt for greater strength, with the safety factors of the clamp ratings meeting or exceeding industry standards.

The 6-ton clamps are available for belts up to 72″ (1800 mm) wide and up to 2″ (50 mm) thick, while the 8-ton clamps are available for belts up to 96″ (2400 mm) wide and up to 2 1/4″ (55 mm) thick.

TUG HD Belt Clamps are also versatile, portable, and easy to use. A single pair of the easy-to-carry heat-treated aluminum clamp bars can be used to block off the belt for maintenance, and the clamp ends feature increased capacity for easier clamp bar insertion.

“The acme thread on the clamp end screws offers superior grip strength and allows operators the chance to slowly release the belt after maintenance,” Aaron Rosso, senior product manager at Flexco, said. “It’s a safer, more predictable method than unclamping and releasing the tension on the belt in one movement.”

Engineered for tough conditions, the belt clamps are designed with high-grade aluminum bars and structural steel clamp ends. Shock-absorbing end caps are designed to protect the bars from hammer use and drops. TUG HD Belt Clamps can be used with a variety of materials and belt types, including PVC/PVG or rubber-covered plied belting on flat, sidewall, chevron, and other specialty profiles.

TUG HD Belt Clamps are Mineline®-endorsed, designed and engineered to work – day in and day out – in some of the toughest applications in the world. TUG HD Belt Clamps are available for purchase around the world.

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